Alternate Versions of Black Ops 4 Maps Leaked

Great news for Black Ops 4 players as a data miner has leaked some upcoming alternative versions of maps. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is still dominating and it’s selling really well. Treyarch intends to keep this going and to do it they will be releasing new maps.

Recently we saw Nuketown and now data miners have leaked that we will be getting alternate Day/Sunset versions of maps in Black Ops 4.

This Black Ops 4 leak news was shared by a Reddit user. He shared some images which show us the night versions of the currently available map in the game. Firing Range which is a long time favorite Call Of Duty map is now getting a dark makeover. This upcoming map is being called “Firing Range Night”. It will just change the time of the day and everything else inside it will remain the same.

The other map which is getting a rainy makeover is Sea Side. It’s set in a Spanish seaside town. This new version of Sea Side map in Black Ops 4 is called Seaside Sunset. It’s a bit darker than usual and consists of plenty of rain.

Provided screenshots reveal the beauty of playing Black Ops 4 at night. Though these maps are not finished yet, they are currently in testing. Data miners found these files from the latest Black Ops 4 patch on PC.

Currently, there’s no information about when Treyarch is going to release them so we will have to wait. These alternative versions of maps in Black Ops 4 could most probably be a part of the season pass. Though they could also come for free just like Black Ops 3 which brought us a new version of Redwood Snow map for free.

In other Black Ops 4 news, there are leaks that the “Dead Ops Arcade” mini-game is coming to the game too. It was a part of Black Ops 1 and was pretty fun to play.

Also if you are having trouble accessing signature weapons then go to the link here to find out how to do it.

A new Black Ops 4 update has also arrived and it contains many bug fixes so install it as soon as possible. This update does fix the crashing issue when playing custom games.

The latest update has also brought a set of new skins to the game. Though you’ll be shocked to know that Treyarch is selling just two gun skins for $20.

There’s a new pack now available through the in-game Black Market called Fall Firearms pack. This Fall Firearms pack consists of skins, tags, and some calling cards.

It was recently officially announced that Black Ops 4 was the best selling game in North America for October. Black Ops 4 overcame Red Dead Redemption 2 which consists of a very long story mode unlike Black Ops 4.

This new patch weighs around 10 GB on Xbox One and PS4 so download today to have the best experience possible in the game.

Treyarch is working hard to make the game as smooth and fun as possible so it’s just the beginning.

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