All Future Battlefield 4 Content Will be Free to All Players, DICE Announces

DICE has announced that although Battlefield 4: Final Stand marked the end of the game’s premium DLC; it is certainly not the end of the game’s DLC.

In a recent announcement, the developer behind the popular shooter stated that all future content for Battlefield 4 will be completely free to all players.

First off, the game is getting Spring Update which will add Gun Master game mode to the game – completely free to all players. Those of you who does not know, Gun Master is a free-for-all multiplayer game mode in which all players begin with the same gun and get better ones as they rack up more kills.

In addition to the Gun Master, all players will receive a free Gun Pack containing five guns including fully-automatic Assault Rifle AN-94 as well as Groza-1 and Groza-2 Assault Rifles.

Lastly, there is an upcoming night map update which features the night-version of all currently available multiplayer maps such as Siege of Shanghai and more. Moreover, there is an upcoming community map (a re-imagined version of an earlier Battlefield map) which is scheduled to release this summer.

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Source: PCGamesN.

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