Alinity Scared Of Stalkers Post Animal Abuse Streaming Controversy

Twitch streamer Alinity has caught much flak for streaming alleged animal abuse. Now she is scared of people coming over to her neighborhood and asking about her.

Over the last few days, Twitch Streamer Alinity found herself at the center of yet another controversy. And this time, the consequences might have spilled over into her real life as well.

In the following tweet, Alinity asks people not to come over and ask about her because she feels “scared”.

Alinity is not a stranger to scandals. She has been banned for streaming adult content, among other things, in the past. This time around, it was her throwing her cat across the room mid-stream. Subsequently, another video of her spitting into her cat’s mouth also went viral on twitter.

This has attracted much backlash. Even the Creative Director of Twitch, went on record to say that he wanted Alinity banned from Twitch. He, then, also clarified that he didn’t have the authority to make it so. Here’s what he said:

“As a cat owner, I’m very upset over the recent news. I am also someone who does not have moderation powers or enforcement. Just like I can’t fix your subscriptions. I want to see a ban. I do not want to be harassed because you think that’s the right thing to do.”

A petition asking for her to be banned from Twitch has nearly 16,000 signatures at the time of writing. Apart from the cat incidents mentioned above, it also talks about her kicking her dog in a previous video.

In response, Alinity apologized for both of the cat-related abuse. Alinity said she was sorry but she had just “dropped [the cat] on the floor behind her chair” saying that she wasn’t that “strong”.

She clarified that the cat video was from a year ago and it was a “foolish thing to do”.

Female twitchers have come out to say that Twitch has a “female” problem. Popular IRL streamer Jenna said that if a man had done what Alinity had done, they would have been banned. Many others have voiced their concerns about Twitch’s content moderation policy.

What should be done in Alinity’s case?

Twitch content moderators should sit down and think about this case. This could be a landmark decision. They could put their foot down and say, animal abuse like Alinity’s won’t be ignored.

If they don’t, then in the future, they won’t have proper justification to ban any other streamer who does the same thing. This would obviously lead to a trust deficit in Twitch users. The ball is in Twitch’s court.

However, we at SegmentNext do believe that apart from Twitch, no one else should take any action. We can’t stress this enough. The recent tragedy of Bianca Devins is all too fresh in our minds.

We need to realize that no matter how distasteful the content anyone posts, reporting it to relevant authorities is all we should do. Making them feel unsafe in real life, like Alinity feels scared, is unwarranted. Let better sense prevail.