Alienware 17 Has Slick Design and Offers Unparalleled Gaming Performance

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“I need a stylish laptop that can run the most demanding games of today.”

I looked at my friend almost pityingly, because ‘stylish laptops’ and ‘demanding games’ seemed to be two opposite ends of a portable computer.

Of course, you could look back at those once-in-a-while times when Cylon-styled laptops used to appear and bamboozle everyone, but that era seems to have faded into oblivion, right? Wrong!

Alienware’s been cooking up the next big thing in laptop gaming, and with the reputation it has for oh-so-awesome-looking laptops and killer hardware, it shouldn’t be a surprise they’ve come out with a product as sleek as the new ‘Alienware 17’.

The stunningly beautiful piece of engineering marvel and artistic muse is reviving the seemingly dormant epoch of style and speed in laptops…yet again.


We’re being treated with the signature out-of-the-world Alienware look, with some titillating Lamborghini-styled curves-and-cuts and a spray of elegant gun metal black to give it feel of a system that is just a wee bit ahead of its time.

Underneath all that skillfully carved aluminum sits the titans of two electronic giants, Intel and Nvidia, the pinnacles of what computing technology stands for.

Alienware is making no compromises in performance, and that’s why we’re treated with the mighty 4th generation Core i7 and the brilliance of the 28nm GPU from the fresh GeForce 700 series.

All that is combined with dual-channel memory running at a bus speed of 1600 MHz, and Windows 8 running to utilize it to the maximum.

The power of all that hardware is presented to the user on a 17.3 inch WLED screen and top-of-the-line audio speakers preloaded with Dolby Home Theater 4. And if you’d like to go big, you can always plug in your HDMI TV to get tossed right into the action.

For the gamers with a zero performance compromising policy, Alienware gives buyers the option of adding 1 TB of Solid State Drives (SSDs) for unparalleled loading times in games and applications.

Alienware’s 17 incher also comes with the redesigned Alienware Command Center 3.0, so you can tweak the beast to your own liking and have the best gaming experience. You’ll be able to change the lights, accelerate your gaming performance, monitor in-game results, and much more.

The Alienware 17 is not just a laptop, it’s a complete experience – one that stands out to be both stylish and unparalleled in performance. It seems my friend’s found exactly what he wants after all!

For more information on the new Alienware 17, visit the official product page.

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