Aliens Fireteam Elite UAS Endeavor Intel Locations Guide

In this Aliens Fireteam Elite UAS Endeavor Intel Locations guide, we will help you navigate your way to all the Intel collectibles you can find to satisfy your lore-hunting itch.

Aliens Fireteam Elite UAS Endeavor Intel Locations

For those who wish to uncover the lore creeping behind the overarching story of Aliens Fireteam Elite, then Intels are what you should be keeping an eye out for.

Fortunately, here is a guide that you can open up whilst roaming the UAS Endeavor for Intel that can expand your knowledge regarding the game.

Log 1- Intel: UAS. Endeavor Plaque

When spawning into the UAS Endeavor, run straight past Lt. Santos, and take the first flight of stairs to your left.

Now follow the direction of the stairs till you enter a hallway flooded with red lights. Just past some idling NPC’s till you cross the threshold of a laboratory area.

You will know when you have reached the right location when all you see within are tall machines, and just to the immediate left of the entrance is a plaque that reads ‘UAS ENDEAVOR’.

Now all that is asked from you is to press the floating command thus, collecting your first piece of Intel.

Log 2- Intel: United Americas Colonial Marines

The location for this piece of Intel is easy to miss since it is found in some dark corners but don’t worry!

You just need to relocate yourself to the hanger and try to find the color orange screaming for attention around the farthest corner of the place.

Once you have found the orange blotches in the distance, run close to it to find an ammo box along with orange standees that you must tread through to happen upon your second piece of Intel, a crumpled cloth lying on the floor.

Interact with the banner to collect the UACS Intel.

Log 3- Fulminium Alloy Powder

The Fulminium Alloy Powder will be collected from a box, so this one is much easier to spot than the other items. All you need to do is to walk your way to the 3 small hangar bays that can be found after taking a right from the armory.

Bask in the sight of the powerful vehicles stationed in the area, then walk your way towards the 3rd Hangar, and on the floor, you will find a box waiting for your attention. Interact with it to collect the Intel: Fulminium Allow Powder

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