Aliens Fireteam Elite the Gift of Fire Intel Locations Guide

Aliens Fireteam Elite features many lore filled intel drops scattered across the game. In this Aliens Fireteam Elite guide, we’ll focus on the Gift of Fire intel and let you know the locations of each one.

Aliens Fireteam Elite The Gift of Fire Intel Locations

Just like the rest of the intel in Aliens Fireteam Elite, you’ll find the Gift of Fire intel mostly on crates, generators or any other piece of human equipment in the environment.

Below we’ve mentioned more specifically the intel locations in The Gift of Fire mission of Fireteam Elite to make them easier to locate.

40th Marine Expeditionary Unit

You’ll find this in the room with a large center statue of a man with some tripods around it.

Move towards the statue and turn a little left to find a laptop-like device on the top of a circular surface. This is the intel you’re after

Elizabeth Sha and Charlie Holloway

Move straight towards the stairs at the beginning. Now, move towards the corridor that is to the right of the stairs.

Keep moving ahead a little, and then on turning right you will see a magazine on the top of a generator. This is what you were looking for.


From the metal structure, move straight inside the hall with a huge face statue. You will find the pathogen ampule by moving to the right of the statue, close to one of the pillars. Beware of any Xenos spawning.

LV-895 Ruins

Move a little left first, and then turning right they will find a tunnel. Move straight inside the tunnel and keep moving for a while until you get out of the tunnel.

Once you get out of the tunnel, turn left towards the surface that is a little higher than the ground surface. Look around, and you will find a notepad on the top of the white crates.

Gateway Station

First, turn left and then turn right to reach the corridor. Now, keep moving straight in the corridor, and then turn left. Here, on moving a little ahead, you should find Esther speaking.

From this point, turn left, and move straight ahead. Here, turn right on the higher surface and you will find a computer here.

Pathogen Mutants

When you move straight after taking the left, you will find a hall with some big holes. To the left of this hall, you will find a ‘Popper’.

The Engineer

In the beginning, move a little ahead to your left, and keep moving straight until you see some structures to your right. On one of these structures, you will find a helmet, and this is exactly what you are looking for.

Leon 895/Pathogen Stalker

Moving a little left will find a ramp by going a little ahead. Move straight down the ramp, and then turn left. Here, you will find a round platform, so move around the platform, and you will find a stalker tentacle.

Engineer Ship

Move straight towards the huge telescope structure, and then going towards the left side of the circular platform on which the telescope is standing, you will find a control flute.

We hope that this article leads you to the intel locations easily. So, go and find all of them without any delay.

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