Aliens Fireteam Elite Recon Guide

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a survival shooting game, where you face off against hordes of Xenomorphs.  You can pick between five different classes in the game to best suit your preferences. This guide will cover the Recon Class of Aliens Fireteam Elite and provide you all the info on its abilities, weapons and perks.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Recon

As long as they aren’t on the front lines of combat, the Recon class in Aliens Fireteam Elite can pretty much accomplish everything. They are adept at damage mitigation and team resource management. Recon performs best with other team players of different classes.

How to Unlock the Recon Class

The Recon will not be available until the four campaigns have been completed. Unlike other classes, you first have to finish the campaign to unlock this one.


The Recon class have the option of rifle and CQW at their disposal. It is recommended that they use DMRs and sniper rifles to enhance their long-range value. You can reach and use full potential of these weapons by unlocking attachments.

In case of an enemy getting too close, the Recons should switch to their CQWs. Shotguns, flamethrowers or even SMGs will get the job done at close range.



PUPS is a drone that will help the player to find the location of nearby enemies and reduce the amount of damage they can cause by 20% for short time.

Support Drone

The support drone is ability is all about supporting your teammates. It drops ammo for the team and increases their stability. Your teammates will also get some of their health restored every time they kill an enemy.


This is a unique ability that is only available for the Recon class. By hitting two headshot kills in less than ten seconds, you will get an extra 10% precision and stability. It can stack up to max 3 times.

Perks and Modifiers

Recon CQW Training – Improves CWQ reloading speed by 15%.

Recon Rifle Training – Rifles’ maximum ammo is increased by 20%, and their weak point damage is increased by 20%.

Down Range – far distance damage up by 20%.

Got Your Back – You and your teammates guns automatically reload after killing the enemy that is attacking on your teammate.

Hit-And-Run Tactics – Stun recovery is increased by 20%, grappling damage is reduced by 20%, and movement speed is increased by 10%.

Threat Neutralized – Taking down an exposed enemy with headshot will recharge your abilities by 15%.

Blood Hound – Reveal and then mark an enemy with PUPS.

Guard Dog – PUPS can now defend an area by revealing and slowing down enemy a little. They will also zap enemy on regular intervals.

The Long Haul – Duration of an ability increase by 20%.

Threat Detected – Activating PUPS enhance your accuracy and steadiness by 1.5X.

Eye on the prize – Each stack of Focus restores 5% stamina and increases your fire rate by 5%.

Back in the fight – Got Your Back now also reduces the remaining recharge time for you and your affected target’s abilities by 10%.

Recon CQW Expertise – CQWs’ fire rate, handling, and ADS movement speed all increased by 10%.

Recon Rifle Expertise – Rifle accuracy, steadiness, and fire rate are all improved by 10%.

Distracting Howl – Targets affected by PUPS now slow down by 30%

Adrenaline Rush – Support Drone healing effect increases by 20%.

Recon Rifle Mastery – Increases the size of the magazine and the handling of weapons by 15%.

Recond CWQ Mastery – CQWs’ range and weak spot damage are increased by 15%.

Unbreakable Focus – Your reload speed and handling are boosted by 50% while you have full stacks of Focus.

Pros and Cons of Recon Class

Every class has its own pros and cons. Recon class is matchless from distance but might felt uncomfortable in close combats. Recon class players can play a key role for other teammates and can plan an ultimate assault.

The Gunner and Demolisher classes are the best combos with Recon loadout. In the end, it depends upon the player’s own preferences and choices on how he carries the specific loadout.

Following are the pros and cons of the Recon class:


  • Good long-range attack
  • Healing
  • Can help ammo economy management issues for teammates


  • Not good at close combats
  • Weak crowd control abilities

Aliens Fireteam Elite Best Recon Builds

We’ve comprised few builds that include weapon choice, attachments, perks and perfect possible combos for you.

All Rounder Recon build

Recon class is all about precision, long-range offense and support. This build focuses on all these strengths of this class.

M42A3 sniper rifle, causes a lot of damage, has impressive stats and is capable of real killings.


  • Extended Flash Hider
  • Armor Piercing Rounds
  • Digital Scope

The best weapon to fill this slow is X43 barrage flechette SMG. It is really effective from the close range and response with nearly perfect accuracy. With the attachments ON it becomes matchless in dealing with close range enemies.


  • Vented Flash Hider
  • Quick Loader
  • Hybrid Sight


  • PUPS
  • Guard Dog
  • Distracting Howl
  • The Long Haul
  • Threat Detected
  • Support Drone
  • Quick Charge IV
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Recon CWQ Mastery
  • Unbreakable FOCUS
  • Threat Neutralized
  • Got Your Back

Sniper Recon Build

This build will be focusing more Snipping side of this class. Accuracy is the most important thing for Recons.

Twilight v.4 is a really good choice. It gives you little extra stability.


  • Extended Flash Hider
  • Magnet Casing
  • Digital Scope

M39 SMG is as good as x43 barrage which we used in our first build. Both have really good fire rates. The real difference is in the mods. Choosing different mods changes a lot.


  • Reflex sight
  • Recoil booster
  • Tactical Mag


  • Support Drone
  • Eye on the Prize
  • Demolisher Rifle Training
  • Recon Rifle Mastery
  • Threat Neutralized
  • Down Range
  • Blood Hound
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Distracting Howl
  • Threat Detected
  • Unbreakable FOCUS
  • Quick Charge IV

Best Consumables

When it comes to consumables somewhat same things works well for all the classes. Basics always works.

  • Vulnerability Assessment Drones
  • Cyro Grid

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