Aliens Fireteam Elite Gunner Guide

The marines in Aliens: Fireteam Elite have specialized classes that you can choose from to suit your playstyle. In this guide, we will be talking about the Gunner Class in Aliens Fireteam Elite to help you out.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Gunner

The Gunner class you can say is like a standard soldier class. While every Marine is trained to handle a gun, they aren’t as specialized as the gunner as it is the core skill of a Marine.

The Gunner Class in Aliens Fireteam Elite is pretty much like a Jack of All Trades as it is able to adapt to any situation.


The Gunner Class has access to Rifles and CQWs (Close quarter weapons). They can use any type of rifle whether it is a fully automatic rifle or a sniper rifle. This is very useful for long and medium-range encounters and it is quite versatile as well.

While on the other hand CQW weapons are used for close encounters. These include shotguns and submachine guns which will help in taking out any enemy in a close combat situation.

Both of these weapon types make Gunner class very useful against any enemy whether they are close to you are at a distance.


When it comes to abilities the Gunner Class has three, two of them are kit abilities and one is a kit perk.


For the Gunner Class, the first kit ability is Overclock. This is basically a buff that will greatly increase the fire rate of you and your nearby allies when activated.

This ability also decreases reload time by increasing speed. Overall it’s a great damage dealing buff that comes in handy when you’re suddenly in need of DPS.

Frag Grenade

The second kit ability for the Gunner Class is the frag grenade. This is a standard explosive grenade which, when you throw, will deal damage in a large radius and knockdown the enemies in its radius and also disturb enemy movements for a while.

Stay on Target

The last ability the Gunner Class has is the stay on target kit perk. In this, when dealing damage to enemies, you will get stacks of the stay on target kit perk.

These stacks will increase the overall damage done by you to a target, but that damage will decrease if you stop dealing damage to that specific target. This buff can stack up to 10 times.

All these abilities can be augmented and change slightly to perform different tasks.


  • Increase damage capability of themselves and entire fireteam.
  • Very Versatile.


  • Need to be aggressive all the time for keeping stay on target buff active.

f you need some help or more info on how to mow down hordes of Xenomorphs with the Gunner class, check out our handy tips.

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