Aliens Fireteam Elite Doc Guide

In Aliens Fireteam Elite, you play as a colonial marine tasked to defend humanity against the alien threat. In this guide, we will be discussing the Doc marine class in Aliens Fireteam Elite and tell you all about its class info, abilities, and builds, etc.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Doc

In this Doc class guide, we will be giving the player an idea of what their class does, which playstyle is it best suited for in Aliens Fireteam Elite, and the different ways of tweaking the class.

The Doc class is all about support, healing, and being defensive. But there are a few ways to achieve even more from this class. So, we will discuss all of those possibilities and customizations below.


The Doc class has access to decent mid to long-range weaponry, including an assault rifle and a handgun.

The assault rifle is good enough to keep the aliens at bay but should they get dangerously close to you, then your teammates should be able to handle them.

Doc Abilities

All classes in Aliens Fireteam Elite have access to 2 different kit abilities and a Kit perk as well. We will be discussing all of those abilities in this section of the guide.

Kit Abilities & Perks

The first kit ability for the Doc class is called the Trauma Station, which, when deployed, heals all friendlies in a wide AOE.

This trauma station has a limited number of supplies that deplete over time and can only be replenished by picking up first aid kits from around the map.

So, it is best to leave all healing items for the doc class to pick up. You can also pick up the Trauma station once you are ready to move on to the next section.

The second kit ability for this class is called Combat stim.

When deployed, it provides the Doc and all other friendlies with status buffs, boosting their stability and weapon accuracy by 50%, stamina regeneration by 30%, and also boost their movement speed by 15%. This combat buff is extremely useful when facing a large horde of aliens.

The Kit perk for the Doc class is called Field Medic. This boosts the ability to recharge speed for any nearby allies by 15%. This kit also lets Doc pick up first aid kits to recharge the Trauma station.

Pros and Cons

Every class in Aliens Fireteam Elite has a few good and bad things, and it’s up to the player to decide which things are they willing to compromise to find the best class for their playstyle.

The major pros for this class are that it can heal allies and provide much-needed combat stat buffs.

On the other hand, it severely lacks damage capabilities, and the Doc can often be in a bind because of the underwhelming weapon choices, and that’s why other allies have to provide adequate cover fire.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Best Doc Builds

Below we’ve put together the two best and effective builds for the Doc class that will assure you the full potential of this class.

Best End Game Doc Build

Using this build helps you take down hordes of enemies without receiving any damage and overall benefits you the most in your End Game battle. Additionally, this allows your team to heal and keep the damage away from them.

For your main rifle, you’re going to use the Twilight Version 4. It’s a single-shot DMR that gives you 90%  accuracy and 80% stability. With the perks we’re going to attach with it, it’ll practically become a beast that’ll shoot like a laser.

You’ll have hyper accuracy with no signs of drop off. It’ll be equal to an assault rifle which is highly beneficial to have while countering enemies.

For your handgun slot, you’ll use the Type 95 Combat Pistol. It’s a single-shot weapon with an accuracy of 85% and 78% stability. In addition, it’s sturdy and easy to switch during an intense fight.

Trauma Station
When deployed, it heals the nearby allies.

  • Enhanced Reached IV
  • Enhanced Reached III

These will double up the radius of your trauma station by 40%.

Field Medic
For each nearby ally, your ability to recharge speed is increased by 15%.

  • Support System

It will increase outgoing healing by 20%, and the nearby ally will get 15% healing.

Combat Stims
Increases Accuracy and Stability by 50%, Stamina by 30%, and Movement Speed by 15%.

  • Extended Duration III
  • Overdose
  • Migraine Solution

All of these will add to the weapon proficiency.

Doc Rifle Training

  • Doc Rifle Mastery
  • Dock Rifle Expertise

These are highly crucial for your weapons as they’ll increase accuracy, magazine capacity, fire rate, stability, and weak point damage by 15% each.

Other Perks

  • Bedside Manner
  • Surgeon’s Hand
  • Readiness

Unbreakable Bastion Build

This is yet another build that’s going to help you immensely on the battlefield. This build is all about supporting the troops around you, and it lasts longer than any builds.

For this build, we’re also going to use the Twilight Version 4 as the main rifle. It’s a single-shot DMR that gives you 90% accuracy and 80% stability. Whereas for the handgun, we’ll use the Twin Hammer.

Trauma Station
When deployed, it heals the nearby allies.

  • Peace of Mind
  • Pain Killer Station

By using these, you’ll have colossal defence and health advantages. Trauma Station’s radius will be increased by 20%, whereas damage and gun handling is increased by 30%.

Bedside Manner
You can pick up downed allies twice as fast and bleed out time is increased by 25%.

  • Rapid Recovery

This makes Bedside Manner even more potent.

Field Medic
For each nearby ally, your ability to recharge speed is increased by 15%.

  • Support System
  • Strength in numbers

Both of these will increase recovery speed for you and your allies. It’ll also give you 30% damage resistance when away from the station, and when closer, you’ll be granted 40% resistance.

Combat Stims
Increases Accuracy and Stability by 50%, Stamina by 30%, and Movement Speed by 15%.

Recon Rifle Training

  • Doc Refile Expertise
  • Demolisher Rifle Expertise
  • Recon Rifle Expertise

Other Perks

  • Surgeon’s hand
  • Neurotoxin Specialist
  • Anaesthesiologist

Best Consumables for Doc Class

We recommend these consumables for the Doc class. You can pretty much use these consumables with every build of this class.

  • Cryo Grid
  • Vulnerability Assessment Drones
  • Electroshock Rounds
  • Hardened Incendiary Sentry Gun

Team Composition for the Doc Class

As for an ideal team formation, we highly suggest not to take the frontline. When playing the Doc, the best you can do is to let Demolishers and Gunners take the front, and you take the back and middle.

This is primarily because Demolishers and Gunners are some of the heavy classes with access to the most intense weapons in the game. Doc thrives the best in combination with an intense class that combat enemies up close, and then they can pick up on enemies from a distance.

This helps the team take down enemies from different distances and lets you quickly take down mobs. However, if you opt for classes that bring an almost identical set of perks as Doc, chances are you’ll overlap and not produce a great defence against enemies.

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