How to Configure and Tweak Alien Swarm

Alien Swarm the free top-down shooter game by Valve is rocking the Steam. They have already releasing the SDK to PC modders, it won’t be long before you will see lot of mods for this game. Meanwhile, you can tweak the game by using Steam command line and developers console. Read below Alien Swarm Tweak Guide, and tweak the game in a variety of ways and most importantly, enjoy the game in variety of ways.

Enable Developer’s Console
From the main menu, go to options, then go to keyboard/mouse, and tick “enable developer console”.

1# How to Enable First Person Mode
Alien Swarm has top down camera view but you can enable cheat mode to play the game in more of semi first person with camera behind the helmet of your character.
In console, load map using “map ‘mapname'” command and enter the following:
“sv_cheats 1”

Playing in cheat mode will disable the achievements though.

2# How to Change in Game Mouse Sensitivity
Open Console, and type “sensitivity #”. # is your mouse sensitivity, change it to any number you feel comfortable on.

3# How to Bind First/3rd Person Mode on Keyboard Keys
bind “key” “sv_cheats 1;firstperson;asw_hide_marine;asw_controls 0”
bind “key” “sv_cheats 1;thirdperson;asw_hide_marine;asw_controls 1”

Lets say you have bind first person mode to F3 and third person mode to F4. You can change the mode by pressing these keys, Press F3 tp change the mode to first person and then switch back by pressing the F4 key.

4# How to Play SinglePlayer Offline
1. Enable developer console.
2. Click offline practice, wait for it to load to the lobby.
3. Open your console with the tilde key “~”, and type “changelevel <mapname>”, i.e. “change level asi-jac1-landingbay_pract”


5#How to Turn Off Auto Reload
Enable developer console, and type “asw_auto_reload 0”. It will be 1 by default.

6# How to Enable Console and Server Browser
Open Steam and right-click Alien Swarm, add launch option “-console” without the quotes.Run Alien Swarm, Press ~ and type “openserverbrowser” without the quotes. Alternatively you can enable developer’s console from the game options under keyboard options.

7# Alien Swarm in Game Camera Tweaks

Camera Distance
‘asw_cam_marine_dist XXX’, default is 412.

Camera Angle
“asw_cam_marine_pitch XX” default is 60 0 on the floor, and 90 directly above.

Enable/Disable Screen Shift
“asw_cam_marine_shift_enable X”, 1 for on, 0 for off. If you put your cursor toward the edge of the screen, the game will let you see further that direction.

Screen Shift Distance ‘Two different variables for both planes, top-bottom and left-right’.
asw_cam_marine_shift_maxx XXX (default 300)
asw_cam_marine_shift_maxy XXX (default 200)

Camera Shake, Explosion Effects etc.
“asw_camera_shake 1”, 1 for on, and 0 for off.

More to come soon.

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