Alien: Isolation Sequel Is A Mobile Game Called Alien: Blackout, Seems FNAF Inspired

In contrast to the hopes of many gamers, the Alien: Isolation sequel isn’t a console game. Instead, Alien: Blackout is what appears to be a Five Nights At Freddy’s-inspired mobile game, where Amanda Ripley’s remaining crew has to survive on a derelict station as the Xenomorph hunts them through the halls.

Alien: Isolation was one of the best games of 2014, getting universal acclaim for its design, atmosphere, plot, and especially for managing to redeem the Alien license after the horrific failure of Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines. Alien: Blackout, while “officially” a sequel to the game, however, seems like a step backwards by making it such a radical departure.

While the horror atmosphere still remains in the game, as you and your crew are trapped aboard a space station and hunted by a Xenomorph, that’s mainly where the similarities to the original game end. Instead of running around the station yourself, having to avoid the Xenomorph, rogue Working Joes, and crazed survivors, you’ll now have to guide your crew through the same situations.

All the while making sure your crew doesn’t get caught by the Xenomorph, you’ll play the role of Ripley as she commands her crew, having them take on various tasks throughout seven different levels as they struggle to get off the station while only making use of its emergency systems. You’ll either have to make clever use of systems to keep the Xenomorph from reaching your crew, or sacrifice them to briefly distract it, all of which can change the outcome of the game.

While it’s not quite the triple-A console sequel that many fans were expecting, Alien: Blackout still has the potential to be a fun game, if not necessarily as frightening as Isolation was. We don’t know exactly when the game will be coming out, but Alien: Blackout will be available on the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and the Amazon App Store.