Alien: Isolation ID Tags Locations ‘The Taken’ Guide

To unlock "The Taken" achievement/trophy in Alien: Isolation, you need to collect 50 ID tags in the game and we have the locations for them.

In Alien: Isolation, you assume the role of Amanda Ripley and embark upon a journey of uncovering the mystery of your mother’s disappearance. Soon after reaching the Sevastopol Station, you realize that it is not only Ellen Ripley who has gone missing, but a lot of other crew members as well.

Alien: Isolation ID Tags Locations

Throughout the journey in Alien: Isolation, Ripley will come across several ID Tags of various missing persons which will unravel the mysteries of their disappearances. There are a total of fifty ID Tags in the game and finding them all will unlock ‘The Taken’ Achievement/Trophy.

You will come across some of these ID Tags in plain sight while progressing through the game, but there are some which require you to thoroughly explore different areas.

In this guide, I’m going to share the locations of all fifty ID Tags that can be found scattered throughout the eighteen chapters of the game. Actually no, the first chapter doesn’t contain any ID Tag.

Chapter 2

ID Tag #1
Z. Watson – Found on the dead worker inside the maintenance room, after dropping down the open ceiling vent when you have to crawl through. This is beside the Archive Log 14.


ID Tag #2
A. Fielding – After meeting up with Axel in the Freight Shipping area, head into the chamber on the left of the map. Look left for an open with a fan inside to find this tag.

Chapter 3

ID Tag #3
A. Hutchison – Enter the large room below the suspended old satellite. There is an octagon shaped desk and you can find the tag beneath an audio log.

ID Tag #4
C. Ward – There is an office here with white computer terminals and curved windows. Head right from this office into the dark hallway, and open the lock door. Head down and you can spot a desk on the right with the tag.

ID Tag #5
J. Williams – After getting to the objective in the Works Archive room, a door will become open in Tech Support. Head through the hall north of this area and enter the room to the right down the hall. Check the computer terminal desk for the tag.

Chapter 4

ID Tag #6
T. Curwen – Once you have acquired the motion tracking and are going through the vent, drop down into the hallway and enter the room to the left. Head up the stairs here and you’ll find an android patrolling near a window. To the right is a desk that has the tags.

ID Tag #7
D. Turner – Above the Internal Communications room is a hallway with a rewire station across a locked door. Use this station to unlock the door, head through it, then go to the room on the left. There is a maintenance closet that should have the tag on the floor inside.

ID Tag #8
P. Brophy – From the maintenance room, turn around and stay next to the left wall and access the vent. You will exit into an office with a terminal ahead. Look on the desk to the right of the terminal to find the tag.

ID Tag #9
T. Armer – At the end of the mission you’ll have to dodge androids while heading to the start Stop in the Relay Facility room and look on the back right surface around the center hub on the lower floor to find the tag.

Chapter 5

ID Tag #10
E. Koorlander – At the start of the station the train will stop at the station. After walking down the doors, look on the bench on the left to find the tag.

ID Tag #11
F. Whitechapel – There is a vent on the right of the Doctor’s Office waiting room. Crawl inside and take the first right to find the tag on the desk in this patient room.

ID Tag #12
C. Burrows – At the medical facility, move to the Day Room and head down the hall left of the Staff Quarters. There is a room here with a dead body inside, which has the tag at its feet.

ID Tag #13
T. Miller – After leaving behind a terminal you will have an objective to find a keycard, and down the hallway an alien will appear and move away from you. Head to the Nurse Station on the left, and input the code 1702 to find the tag on a desk.

ID Tag #14
L. Tart – After unlocking the mission critical keycode door you’ll reach a hall with a map terminal on the right wall. Go to the Staff Quarters all the way down to the break room. At the right of the table you can find the tag.

ID Tag #15
A. Lynch – Enter the Private Rooms section of the facility to access Room A-27. The table behind the bed will have the tag.

Chapter 6

ID Tag #16
C. McCormack – After completing the cooling quest and acquiring the stun baton, leave to enter the Cold Chamber. Look for an open shelf here to find the tag.

ID Tag #17
A. Sawers – Head through the locked door adjacent to the wheelchair boy, head down the right side and stay with the wall. You will come across a door leading to a wrecked room, which has a tag on the desk.

ID Tag #18
K. Neville – Head to the Operation Theater and search in the shelves hanging from above – one of them contains a tag.

Chapter 7

ID Tag #19
O. Sans-Gomez – After dropping down the vent and check the sign that says Sevastopol SciMed entrance. Move straight down the hall and you’ll eventually come across a bloody body with the tag right next to it.

ID Tag #20
N. Brunswick – Go to the office in Synthetics Storage. There’s a dead body lying on the floor with a tag to the right of a computer.

Chapter 8

ID Tag #21
K. Clarke – At the start you’ll enter a large dark control room with lots of terminals. Go to the lower region and look under the office chairs on the floor in the right corner at the back to find the tag.

ID Tag #22
V. Nash – As you progress in the level, you will need to enter a vent and climb down a ladder that exits into a room with multiple desks. There is an audio log to the right, and a tag on the counter here.

ID Tag #23
K. Lingard – While you are going through the station, you will need to head to the office at the end. While going back, take a left instead of a right in the hallway. Stay near the left wall and look on the bench after climbing the steps to find the tag.

Chapter 10

ID Tag #24
W. Woodbury – There is an interview room that can be accessed after turning left from the flamethrower room. Look near the one-way mirror to spot the tag.

ID Tag #25
R. Tafler – You’ll need to eventually enter Seegson Security through the Tech Support sector during the mission. As you go through the hall and enter the office, turn left to a hall with a dead body. Turn left again through the doorway and you’ll see another corpse with the tag.

ID Tag #26
C. Gascoyne – Initiate the lock down, then enter the Server Farm later on. Go through the hall and enter the work area with the red technology, and through the doorway on the left. There is a tag on the desk here.

ID Tag #27
K. Lenton – During the mission you’ll come across a ladder that leads up to a Save Station. Head left after climbing the ladder into a room with a security camera. To the right of the switches here is a vent containing a dead body, which has the tag next to its feet.

ID Tag #28
P. Ryniak – Before the end of the mission, enter the Decontamination Room hallway. There is a small room here with a survivor. Look to the left and you should spot the tag.

Chapter 11

ID Tag #29
B. Hymers – After leaving the bar through a vent, turn around and look at the desk. There is a tag near a covered computer.

ID Tag #30
G. Ramsey – Head to the rectangular hallway on the upper level of the Bunk House Hotel. Check the lower corners to find a tag on the benches.

Chapter 12

ID Tag #31
B. Bullock – After reaching the Synthetics Reclamation area, continue along the hallway till you reach an office with desks. The left desk contains the tag on it.

ID Tag #32
J. Mitchell – In the Seegson Synthetics building, go through the door beside the Sales Agreements desk. Go to the office in the back and you should spot a save station in the back corner. There is a desk near the station that has a tag underneath it.

ID Tag #33
E. Hampton – Enter the Implant Ward to reach an area with android on beds. There are three rooms similar to this down the path. Head through the third one and enter the office, and crawl into the vent. Go through the security grid then turn left to find the tag.

ID Tag #34
E. Guevara – After power is restored to the area towards the end of the mission, leave the scanning room through the right and circle around to a room that was previously locked. The door will now open, and a tag will be under the desk.

Chapter 13

ID Tag #35
J. Shotliff – At the start of the mission, enter the Apollo Transit security office and check the desk.

ID Tag #36
K. Hussein – In the Right Hemisphere Servers section, go through the door on the right. Grab the gas mask, then go to the Left Hemisphere Controls. Enter the first door on the left and look for the tag on the cabinets at the back.

ID Tag #37
G. Spedding – From the Left Hemisphere Server Room, go through the left yellow door, then turn right into a control room with two blueprint tables. There is a tag beneath the lamp near the computer banks and controls here.

ID Tag #38
J. King – Head to the Human Consultation Control room and past the blue door you should find the tag.

Chapter 14

ID Tag #39
Chief Porter – Check the surface opposite to where Amanda acquires the Bolt gun to find the tag.

ID Tag #40
P. Timlett – Down the Central Reactor walkway on the right you’ll come across a ladder with a shotgun and pistol. Check behind the ladder to the left to find the tag on the shelving units.

ID Tag #41
B. Ransome – When you’re going back to the Central Transit station, head to the Facility Management room on the way. There is a tag on the desk to the left of the door here.

Chapter 15

ID Tag #42
J. Jones – When you enter the Ambulance Bay region, go past the beds and look in the dark corner on the left to find the tag on the floor.

Mission 16

ID Tag #43
M. Radcliffe – Head down the hallway with the signs for the Relay Facility and Cooling Center, and look left for a shutter. Cut it off, then crawl into the vent, going right, then left to enter a room. Go up the stairs and follow the blood trail to the body. The tag is right next to it.

ID Tag #44
M. Perry – Return to the Lorenz Systech Spire and go right to the lobby to a small lounge. Check the back to the kitchen door, which can be accessed with your new hacking device. Check inside for the tag.

ID Tag #45
K. Bennet – Head to the Soloman’s Habitation Tower through the Engineering tram station. After getting off the train, turn left then go up the stairs. At the top, hack open the first door on the left and grab the tag inside.

Chapter 17

ID Tag #47
E. Winters – At the second large room of the mission, you’ll have an alien you’ll need to avoid by staying in the shadows. Follow the left side and you will eventually come across stairs that lead down. Head down then turn left to find the tag.

ID Tag #48
F. Sinclair – In the Lorenz Systech Spire, check the area right of the Save Station. The tag is on the bed inside.

Chapter 18

ID Tag #49
R. Padjdlhauser – In the burning shuttle repair bay with the windows, you’ll need to go down some steps, then back up. To the right there are some tables with pipes and rubble. Check the first one to spot the tag.

ID Tag #50
S. Cooper – After escaping the alien cocoon, look on the bench to the left for the last tag along with flamethrower fuel.

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