Alien Blackout Guide – Tips and Strategies to Help You Stay Alive (Hopefully!)

Alien Blackout is both an Android and iOS RPG where players take the role of Amanda Ripley, famous Ellen Ripley’s daughter, who is trapped in a spaceship with a few other survivors.

The mission is to go through each level in the spaceship and protect your scientists as well as yourself from the aliens that will be coming your way. You have to help the scientists complete their tasks on each level meanwhile keeping an eye out for the xenomorph.

Alien Blackout Beginners Guide

Completing these tasks will help your escape from the Weyland-Yutani space station. There will be seven levels in the game whose difficulty level will be increased by each level to a point where it will be almost impossible to complete the game.

There are some important tips for the game and if the player keeps these in mind, then playing the game would not be just as hard.

1. Interacting and Protecting your Team

Order your crew for directions by either drawing a safe path for them from one point to another where you see is a less chance of aliens attacking or you can also click them and then the location on the map you want them to visit.

While your crew will be completing tasks, you will be busy in protecting and monitoring the crew from Xenomorph. Xenomorph are attracted to crew the most when they are busy doing their task.

These aliens can appear anywhere in the spaceship while you are busy so look carefully for the signs of their arrival.

Use headphones as the sound of the game changes when aliens are near, this will help you in knowing that they are coming and you can plan something.

Do not take chance and quickly command them to hide even if you are not sure whether the aliens are coming or not.

Your crew can also sometimes warn you about their arrival so listen to your crew as well. If you hear something in the air vents, that means that the Xenomorph is coming for you, hide quickly.

Keep an eye on the Cameras and Motion Tracker Zones and if you see the Xenomorph close, command your crew to hide.

If you see a Xenomorph coming and there is still some time for the blackout then it is best that you order your crew to hide even if you cannot see the alien. Do not take Risks.

Always search for escape routes or operational doors when you see that a Xenomorph has detected your crew’s location. There is still the and you can either shut the order or command your crew to sneak through the escape route.

Keep this in mind that whenever you will command your crew, the aliens will be able to listen too so be careful and make sure to hide after your crew is safe.

2. Always Leave One Power Slot Available

The whole crew, including Amanda, will be at their lowest if the Power Slots are all empty. These slots are needed to interact with the tools in the spaceship and after every interaction – one slot is emptied.

When you see the Xenomorph approaching, you can either close the door or activate the Motion Tracker Zone.

From the five power slots always save one for this emergency. If you see that the alien has located your crew’s or your location then or if you can hear them coming then activate the door or the tracker.

3. Use Headphones

Headphones are necessary in this game as the variations in sound and the movement of aliens when they approach you or when they move through the air vents is needed to be heard carefully to order your crew and to prepare yourself to hide or sneak out.

The clues for closing the hatches will also come through audio. You have to tell whether the sound is coming from left or right and if you fail then you would have to restart the level.

4. Confuse the Alien

When you see an alien approaching your crewmember, you can buy him some few seconds to escape by messing with the alien. Close the door of the room where the alien is. It will try to find another exit.

Open the door as soon as you see him walking towards the exit hence making him walk back to the exit and then again close the door.

This does not work for a long period but can give your crew enough time to either sneak or hide away from the alien.

5. Cameras and Motion Tracker Zones

If you ever, ever hear a sound that is closely suspicious to the sound that the aliens might be good towards you crew then act quickly and activate your MTZ to find the location of that alien. Look through the camera if you cannot find it.

Keep tracking monsters and keeping an eye on them from time to time to protect your crew.

6. Making It till the End with the Whole Crew

Your game does not require making it through the levels with all the crewmembers but it is not an advantage.

In total you have four crewmembers for a game of seven levels and believe me oh you, the increasing difficulty of the levels makes it impossible to complete them.

If you lose your crewmember in any level, sure, you can still make through, but it would be much better if you restart the level and play it again until all of them make it through the levels. There is also an achievement for doing this.

I find it funny but if you let someone die, your crew will keep reminding you of it. You do not want them to haunt you alongside the aliens.

7. Timing

With all the stress of protecting your crew and completing the tasks with keeping an eye on the cameras and MTZs, there is another thing the game stresses you, time limit.

For each level, Amanda aka you will be provided with only seven minutes. You have to locate your crew to the locations and while they complete the tasks, you have to protect them, all this in only seven minutes.

If you are not able to complete it in the given time then the level will restart.