“Alien Blackout” Reveal Coming At The Game Awards 2018

Alien Isolation launched back in 2014 and is still considered one of the best horror games. However, since then no new Alien game has released despite its success. But apparently, that is about to change as evidence suggests a new Alien game, Alien Blackout, will be announced at The Game Awards 2018.

There are a couple of hints that a new Alien Game in coming and is called “Alein Blackout”. The first hint comes from The Game Awards 2018 creator, Geoff Keighley. Keighley took to his official Twitter account and posted a cryptic message “WORLDS WILL CHANGE”.

What is interesting is that the style of the picture posted is quite similar to Aliens and it features the logo of Weyland Yutani Corporation. The message is followed by a December 6 date, which is when The Game Awards 2018 will take place.

Weyland Yutani is a fictional corporation that exists in the Aliens franchise. Weyland Yutani is a technology supplier and also manufactures synthetics.

Yutani cooperation also deals in interplanetary shipping, transport, and human colonization outside the solar system. It is quite evident from these facts that Weyland Yutani is quite interested in Alien life form.

Furthermore, 20th Century Fox has filed a trademark called “Alien Blackout”. If you are wondering it could be a movie, then the trademark is filed under computer game discs and software.

The trademark hints that Alein Blackout will be an online multiplayer experience as the trademark suggests that the game will be “providing on-line computer games… by means of the internet”

Since the successful launch of Alien Isolation, fans are asking for a new Alein game. However, the evidence suggests that the game is going to be an online multiplayer experience which is exactly the opposite of Alien Isolation.

But, I will reserve my judgment until Alien Blackout is revealed and get to play it. However, it is interesting that the devs have ignored what fans like and are going for a multiplayer Alien game.

Before Alien Isolation, there was an abomination of a game called Alien Colonial Marines. The game was a disaster in every way including the dumb AI. Turns out, a single-letter typo in the game’s code ruined the entire AI.

While the typo is very small but it resulted in a messy AI in Alien Colonial Marines. The typo exists in a single line of code in the game’s “.ini” file and players are able to fix the typo.

The Game Awards 2018 starts 20:30 EST on December 6. Aside from the rumored Alien Blackout, Death Stranding gameplay and release date is expected to be revealed at the event.

Death Stranding is the upcoming game from Metal Gear Solid creator, Hideo Kojima. Furthermore, it seems that Snake and Kaz Miller’s original voice actors David Hayter and Robin Atkin Downes will be featured in Death Stranding.

Death Stranding is an action game in development at Kojima Productions for PS4. No release date is announced for the game.

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