Alice Madness Returns Walkthrough

Alice: Madness Returns takes place eleven years after the events that took place in the previous game. Alice now lives in Victorian London under the care of a psychiatrist after being released from Rutledge’s Insane Asylum at the end of the original game. Your journey to guide Alice may not that easy, but don’t worry our detailed Alice Madness Returns Walkthrough will help you out if you would need any.

Alice Madness Returns Walkthrough

Chapter 1 – Hatter’s Domain

Chapter 2 – Deluded Depths

Chapter 3 – Oriental Groove

Chapter 4 – Queensland

Chapter 5 – The Dollhouse

Chapter 6 – Infernal Train

Chapter 1 – Hatter’s Domain

Houndsditch Home
It will start with a dream where Alice will find herself in an orphanage. Move out to the streets. Follow the cat and after some turns, you will run into a creature. No, you don’t have to fight it yet. A cutscene will play after which meet the lady at the rooftop and then will start Alice’s adventure.

The Vale of Tears
Since it’s just the beginning, you will be familiarized with the controls and basic moves in the game so just follow the on screen instructions. Inside the forest you will find some mushrooms that can propel you upwards like a rubber ball. Up there, you will come across a purple stream.

Time to shrink down through the small hole and move to the next area. You will find another jumping mushroom. As Alice slide’s down the slope, the scene you see will make you feel that you are in a wonderland.

Slug With a Shell
You need to keep moving till you end up in a kitchen. Yes, it’s inside the woods. You should see a pepper grinder on the table, grab it and move to the next room to try it out. The trick here is that you should first target the infestation before targeting the individual bees. You will realize that shifting positions will benefit you a lot.

Move through the keyhole to the next clearing. Once everything starts falling apart, you need to avoid lava and steam from the ground.

The Crockery
You will face a more aggressive foe. You have the pepper grinder right? Use it beside your sword to get rid of them. Move upwards and Alice should now shrink to see the platforms. Move across the platforms till you find a horn (at the ledge) to call in a train.

Hatter’s Gate
You need to turn on the valves as you move across different platforms. Madcaps will be there to entertain you inside the castle. You have met them before and hence should not present any major trouble. Across the steam vents, you will reach an area filled with more Madcaps.

Some of them are shielded this time so you need to look for the opening that is right after they attack you. If you succeed to dodge their attacks, you can easily get them on the counter. Head back into the castle using the vents and invisible platforms.

Always Elevenses
You need to target the eye spot with the Pepper Grinder you have. It will be paralyzed so you can use your blade to finish it off. You will use the same strategy for other enemies too.

There will be a couple of more puzzles (easy ones) to solve. After solving these puzzles, slide down to get to the Clockwork bombs. You can use them to distract enemies and hold switches for you.

Don’t forget to upgrade your Pepper Grinder once you have sufficient power. Keep on moving (destroy each wall that blocks the path) till you find Hatter.

About Face
You are tasked to find the missing appendages. As you come out of the area, you will find a shield in the form of an umbrella which you can use to deflect enemy attacks. Take care of the foes up ahead and after you are done smashing them, you need to hit orange buttons till they are green. Enter the cart to reach the next section.

Smelling and Regurgitating
Simple puzzles now will start chaining to make longer sequences. To get to the next area, you need to use all the knowledge you have learnt so far that is jumping platforms, wall shooting and hitting the switches. This will get you outside the factory where a relatively tough fight awaits. You need to maintain a safe distance till the crowd is thinned.

In the next chamber are Hatter’s arms. You need to do something about the lava first before you can free the arms. Use the platforms rising from the ground to get to the switch which will freeze the lava. Now you can get to the central platform and free the appendages from the crane.

Cranking Up & Pressing Down
Now to get his legs, you need to cross a series of mobile platforms. Timing is the key here so make sure you jump at the right time.

Assemblage or Destruction
After he rejoins his limbs, you will face a group of enemies. Deal with them using the tactics you have learnt so far. Once, you have dealt with the enemy wave there is nothing else except for a cutscene to conclude the chapter.

Chapter 2 – Deluded Depths

You will meet a person who will slap Alice and knock her out. All you need to do is make your way to the bar across the docks. There is nothing else worth mentioning in this section.

As you move along the icy section, make sure that you dodge the creature’s breath (time your jump accordingly). You will then get another weapon (Hobby Horse) which will act like a hammer.

You can test your new weapon on sharks ahead. You are in possession of three weapons i.e the blade, the Pepper Gun and now the hammer. Use them in a combined way to deal with enemies effectively.

Sliding toward Oblivion
Before you catch sight of the pirate ship, you will scroll down a slide just like the one in first chapter but there are no railings so going slow will be a good option. A group of enemies will attack you at the bottom. After you have dealt with them (use your weapons) make your way to the ship.

Use the hammer to smash any walls that block the path and the potion to make the platforms visible. It’s important that you collect any teeth you find along the path which you can use for upgrading purpose which will help you in dealing with tougher enemy waves.

HMS Gryphon
You might have played any scrolling shooting game? Either way your job here stay at the top of your screen while you shoot the targets.

Naval Disaster
After the crash, move alongside the steam vents to reach a door. It will be somewhere in the middle of the ocean floor. The drowned sailor on the other side of the door is a tough notch. You need to stay sharp while he is invisible so that you can spot him as soon as he retains back his physical appearance.

You need to explode the bombs before these leave his hands. No more fights till you reach to the drowned city ahead. Although you will have to use the invisible platforms and shoot some switches to move on.

While navigating through the jellyfish area behind the city, you need to differentiate between the enemy and the platform or a jumping pad so that you jump on the right surface.

Use the Clockwork bombs to hold the switches and reach the theater where you will be assigned a new quest. At the backside of the theater, you will find a crab shooting at you. You need to deflect back it’s attacks which will make it flipped over. Come close after and get rid of it.

Shoot the switches till they are green which will raise some platforms you can jump on.

Inky Veil
You need to find the squid thrice to process. In each container, you need to break the purple bottles till you find it. You have solved some switch puzzles but expect more in this section. Clockword Bombs are there to hold the switches then you need to get to the position fast to shoot the targets.

Choral Coral
A fish this time will assign you a task to clear her voice column. For that, you will have to visit some rooms crowded with enemies. You have the weapons and you know their use. Once you have completed the task, you will end the section with a small rhythmic puzzle in which you will have to match up with the beat.

Oyster Garden: Beds Available
In each part, you will have to deal with the enemies first to lower the oyster beds. In the main chamber, to find the cubes, you need to search each artery there. Solve the simple sliding puzzle to step into the next section.

Lost Souls Locker
After defeating the first sailor, as you move through the graveyard, Alice will meet a pirate who wants you find the souls of his crew mates. The three sections you will explore during the quest will have Drowned Sailor in each part. The action will be followed by races. You should try to stay under ghost’s light.

After you have gathered all the souls, you will find your passage to the final section of this chapter.

Barrelbottom Revisited
Clossal Ruin should not be taken on hasty. You should use the columns to take cover. Keep a safe distance and Assault it using your Pepper Gun. Once you have defeated the final foe, you are good to start the next chapter for which you will have to main stage.

Chapter 3 – Oriental Groove

Threadneedle Street
There is nothing but a brief section in which Alice will wander in streets outside the wonderland and something about her past.

Vale of Doom
It’s that you get another weapon. Move through the steam vents till reach the Teapot Cannon. Like the weapons before, you will try out you new weapons in next few sections. You can also break walls through it. After Alice smokes the Catipillar’s hookah, the section will conclude.

Scorched Earth
You won’t face any resistance as you move from one island to another till you enter the village. Some Samurais and Daimyo Wasps will attacks you. You can either choose to be defensive at first but soon you will realize that you need to take the fight to them so an aggressive approach will help your cause.

Next in the garden, Alice needs to solve a puzzle by gathering all the blocks scattered throughout the garden to complete the picture. After you complete the picture and you can move to the next area.

Scroll of Happy Times
Alice enters the picture and now the game will be played as 2D in this section. The picture section is quite easy specially when you have played games like Super Mario. Once you are out of the picture, move across the platforms till you meet wasp archers. You can use your pepper grinder on them. Inside the cave,you use steam vents to get the support in air.

After you are outside the cave, you will confront more wasps this time smaller and more in number. You need to target their source first before targeting the creatures. After you have dealt with the wasps, move towards the tower to complete the section.

Monastery Shelf Valley
Another sliding ride but as one can expect, it will be trickier than the previous ones. You need to reduce your speed to minimum at turns. After the long twisted slide, move through the hallways. You will need fish hooks to make way for yourself.

Wasps you will face now are tricky and deadly so you can’t take them easy.You need to dodge their attacks at the right time and then get them on counter. This will follow another music based mini game you can complete easily. Some more enemies to deal with before you reach the exit.

Unlike most other sections, you will have a fight waiting for you right from the start. You may have to switch weapons as you fight them off.You should use the steam vents inside the catacombs to gain elevation so that you can get out of the caves.

After you move by a group of religious people, use the gliding fans to get back inside. There won’t be enemies in the next portion but a series of platforms. Like before, you will have to time your jumps to avoid any trouble. This section will as Alice enters another painting.

Scroll of Dark Skies
The attacks you need to dodge in this 2D section may appear rather tough but once you get the pattern, you will be able to pass by them easily.

West Peak Prison Village
At the start of this section, you need to solve another block puzzle. You know what to do right? Search the area for the blocks before you can start sliding them.

The basket section requires Alice’s triple jump and floating technique. Before you can free the frog , you will have to clear the courtyard of enemies. Once the frog is free, Alice should reach the honeycomb to start the next section.

Hellish Hive
You have the Hobby Horse,use it to smash surfaces as you move to the lower levels. Ultimately, Samurai Wasps will attack you. You should choose the tiny wasps and then direct your attention towards the bigger creatures. Move up the stairs to move to the next section.

Scroll of Destiny
2D section is back. Nothing new but one thing remains the same that is you need to read the pattern of attacks to time your jumps appropriately.

Peak Temple
It’s the final section of the chapter. There is nothing challenging except that you need to climb up to the top of the mountain.

Read on for the walkthrough of the remaining three chapters of Alice: Madness Returns.

Chapter 4 – Queensland

Bow-Street Lock-up
As you move out of the building, the world around you will start falling apart. Move along the slanted pathway to end up in a messy bloody hole.

In the cards section, you need to be careful as you step on different platforms. Most of the time a platform won’t appear till you are right above it. Once you are in the wondrous castle, You need to drop a clockwork bomb on the switch to the left side and then quickly head to the switch on the right side.

Time will be limited so be sharp to jump across that invisible platform and reach the opening before it is closed. Jump across the rest of the platforms now to enter the next section.

Least Wing
A long slide will end into a castle. You can use the steam vents to jump from one platform to another. You can deal with the cards with your blade. After you deal with multiple enemies in the chamber, Executioner appears who is too much for you to fight against yet. Run for your life then. Run down the hallway till a message pops up to make you slip through the wall.

Move through the tunnels to reach outside of the castle. Use the steam vents to move on and after you deal with a group of enemies, the Executioner appears yet again. Fight it may be? Np, not yet. Run away again and you will reach chamber having multiple weight platforms. You can place bomb on a platform to lower it.

Out of the chamber is a couple of chess puzzles to solve. For the first puzzle, move Left, Left, Up, Up, Up, and Right. For the second, the sequence will be Up, Up, Left, and Up.

Waste Wing Part 1
As you leave the chess board room, Mr.Executioner will be back again. Run again into the tunnels and then follow the passage (using platforms,vents,switches and bombs) through the castle till you reach a platform with multiple enemies and the Executioner. You wont face him just yet. Not till you complete another chess puzzle in the next area. The sequence will be Up, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, Up, and Right.

Waste Wing Part 2
From outside the castle, head back into a large chamber. Move on till you reach a weight based platform. You know what to do right? Place a bomb on one and use the other one to reach the top. Next room contains yet another chess puzzle. You will solve this puzzle if you move Up, Left, Right, Up, Up, Left, Right, Up, Up, and Left.

Labyrinthine Revenge
It’s time for the revenge. As you clear a simple group of enemies, head towards the Queen’s maze where you will meet the Executioner again. This time you will fight. But how? Alice while running away from it will fall on a cake which magically will increase her size making her a giant. It’s a wonderland, isn’t it?

Harder they Fall
Show them that who is the real daddy now. Just destroy everything that comes in front of you. You need to clear all the chambers before you can move on to the next section.

Dark of Heartness
After a long blood immersed slide, you will reach the central region of castle. Make your way through as you destroy the blue hearts hanging from the wall. Soon you will find yourself in the Queen’s chamber and back to the wonderland.

Chapter 5 – The Dollhouse

Rutledge Ayslum
Alice will find herself in some sort of Ayslum. All you need to is explore the area till you are interrupted by a vision, a horrible vision.

Hide Park
In the park now, surrounded by fog. Move from one lamp to another to enter the next section.

Fort Resistance
Use the steam vents and invisible surfaces to reach the platforms above. Now, in order to keep track of the dollhouses you have navigated and not get lost, each house is marked with a letter. So, whenever you are tangled or lost, you can look these alphabets for guidance. You need to visit them alphabetically.

Ultimately you will confront the dollgirl. You need to keep a safe distance and use your Pepper Grinder against it. Stay focused and you will take it down after some time.

Frogs Way
You need to follow the arrows on the walls to stay on the right track. A couple of basic switch puzzles will be included as you move through the dollhouse’s graveyard. After sometime, you will face some enemies along with a babydoll. The trick here is that you should stay on the move as you pick up enemies one by one.

Move through the destroyed building now and solve another block puzzle. You need to gather rest of the pieces in the area.

Off With Her Head – 1
As you move the head through various sections, adjust your speed to jump the hurdles successfully. Also, you time your canon shots when needed.

Dolltown Cellars
After you slide down to the cellars, beware of the spikes that either rise from the ground or fall from above. You need to observe their patterns to proceed safely. Next up is a series of weight platforms. You have already use them. Place the clockwork bomb on lower platform and use the other one to move one.

Keep on moving forwad (whenever your path is blocked, use the switch to reveal an opening) till you confront anoter babydoll. You have your tools.

Defeat the doll and move to the next section (through the room with the glass floor) with a lot of spikes in it.
As you pass through this maize full of spikes,dodging thes pointed elements, the next section is a chain of simple strategic elements you have been doing so far in the game. Nothing new.

Dollgirl’s Pursuit
After another spiky section, use the platforms to reach the circular chambers above. In your confrontation with the dollgirl and company, you can use pillars as cover while shooting your enemy. Activate the switch to proceed to the next area.

Fort Resistance Delivered
In this section, Alice needs to use ears of dollheads suspended in air. You can use the switches to move the heads so that you can jump from ear to ear. You won’t be alone in this section though so make sure that you deal with any hostiles present in the area.

Looking Glass Railway Station
As you move towards the dollhouse, you will have to fight off some enemies. Climb the stairs to solve another music puzzle. Its all about rhythm. Keep on moving till you find Jack-in-the-box through the railway station.

Off With Her Head – 2
You have played a similar section before. Move the head through various patches wind up this one. There is nothing else to ponder in this stage.

Dollmaker’s Workshop
After sliding down, fight your way through a group of enemies. As you pass through the memory door, a cutscene will play. After the cutscene, climb the stairs to find the true cause of all the problems.

Chapter 6 – Infernal Train

Keep moving till you confront your ultimate foe. You need to dodge Bumby’s charged attacks. Timely movements will allow you to do so. As his skull becomes white, he is vulnerable to damage so you can use your pepper gun and teapot cannon.

His minions will make your task a bit tricky. Deal with them quickly as you can’t afford to waste too much time. After you have inflicted enough damage, he will transform and become more dangerous. He will summon ruins to stop you.

But you can’t be stopped, can you? it’s the critical moment in the battle though. You need to put in all your experience you have gained so far to take him down.

Once he is down, take a deep breath and enjoy the ending.

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