Alice Madness Returns Peaches Location Guide

If you want to unlock Just Peachy achievement or trophy in Alice Madness Returns, you need to collect all the peaches in the Scroll of Destiny in Alice Madness Returns with the help of our location guide. You will find the scroll of destiny in Chapter 3, it will be the third painting you enter in this chapter, near the end. If you want a more detailed description of it, check our Walkthrough.

Alice Madness Returns Peaches Locations

There are a total of four peaches in this chapter, very easy to find if you explore before you exit through the end door of that painting you get a scroll of destiny in.

You will unlock the achievement once you have collected all four peaches. If you have missed it in your first playthrough, you can use chapter select and get this achievement now.

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Peach #1
Location. After you pull down the chain on the top cliff and then push the boulder to kill a few bugs and clear the way, you get to a dropdown point. After falling down, look for it beside the cloud that is hovering just over your head.

Peach #2
Location. Following the first peach, you will take a jump pad followed by two clouds then another jump pad to get to the top. At the edge of the cliff hangs a gigantic tree with a leafy walkway. After you drop down from the leaf walkway, take a left mid-air just beneath it and over the spikes. It’s at the end of the path over the spikes inside a tree.

Peach #3
Location. After you reach a chain that you pull to make a vent appear and get to the top you will have to cross an area with three heads by shrinking beneath them. After it, you will cross a spike laden way riding a cloud. You’ll have to jump and shrink subsequently while on the cloud to avoid spikes. When you are through, take the jump pad to get to the left cliff. There the peach is.

Peach #4
Location. The fourth peach is on the lower walkway beside the bounce pad after the small hut. You get there after you use the second fish chain to make some vents appear to cross an opening between the cliffs. Now, use the bounce pad and follow the path to the exit.

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