“Alan Wake’s Return” is Coming! Remedy Files Trademark

Remedy has decided to tease out things related to Alan Wake recently, for instance, there are references to the game in Quantum Break and the preorder bonus for Quantum Break is also a copy of the psychological survival horror.

Before that, we have been told by Remedy that they surely are working on the sequel although it has taken long because they wanted to choose the right concept, funding and partners. Now, we think the game might be called Alan Wake’s Return!

This is based on a recently registered trademark by Remedy Entertainment with the same name. The listing has popped up on the European Union trademark database which reveals that the filing was made teh day before yesterday i.e. February 23, 2016.

Looking into the details of the trademark, it is clear that the obvious use is going to be in the form of a videogame because the database suggests that Remedy can use it for computer game software, action toys, and production of television features as well as interactive multi-player computer games via the internet.

The only problem here is that although Remedy has confirmed that there will be a sequel to the fan favorite game, they have also said that they will unveil it when the time is right.

Based on that, it sounds a little odd that the news would be outed via a trademark listing and not an official reveal.

We will be looking into the Alan Wake’s Return trademark for more information and will get back to you if there is anything worthy of reporting.

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