Alan Wake Available Again on the Xbox Marketplace

The most popular psycological thriller Alan Wake is once again available physically on the Xbox Store after prolonged unavailability.

Alan Wake is known as the master of psychological thrills in gaming history. Not only it gave us thrills but it also drives us to an isolated gaming experience. It also made flashlight a weapon. As we know that the game had an unsettled ending, it made us crave for a sequel.

In a prolonged silence from Remedy Entertainment, the game has made a comeback to the Xbox Store. It was taken down back in 2017 when the IP faced expiring music license issues. Every music track’s license had been expired, including the ones which were used for the individual ending of the game. After the renewal of the music licenses, the game was back in Xbox Store on a sale.

After the music license setback, Remedy Entertainment purchased Alan Wake licenses from Microsoft. Remedy was looking forward to releasing the game on other stores. After the license agreements, the game was seen to be offered free with For Honor on Epic Games store.

Rumors also spread that Remedy is planning to launch the game on other platforms. It is also rumored that a remaster of the IP could be releasing for Nintendo Switch. Albeit, take such rumors with a pinch of salt.

Alan Wake also received 2 DLCs following its release. A sequel named American Nightmares was also released. The sequel has more definitive gameplay, more guns, but a very complex storyline. Control’s expansion packs had connections with the title’s storyline. These connections made us think that we might get a crossover of the IP with Control.

So far, there has been no official announcement from Remedy Entertainment about Alan Wake, or its sequel.

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