Remedy Entertainment Can’t Release Quantum Break And Alan Wake Sequel Without Microsoft

Alan Wake is the game that has been haunting Remedy Entertainment as fans have been asking for an Alan Wake sequel for quite a while. Remedy on the other hand, has shown interest in making a sequel to Alan Wake, however, the studio has noted that it can’t create a sequel to games that it created with Microsoft.

Speaking with Gamindustry, Remedy Entertainment CEO Tero Virtala talked about the studio’s upcoming game Control and the games to which we never got sequels to.

According to Virtala, the reason why they can’t create Alan Wake sequel is that the studio developed the game with Microsoft as the publisher and they can’t create a sequel because Microsoft doesn’t want them to.

He added that Quantum Break sequel is also not happening because the IP is owned by Microsoft and Microsoft has decided to not continue with the series.

Alan Wake was really interesting but it was a collaboration with Microsoft,” Remedy CEO Tero Virtala tells “Due to certain reasons, it never got a sequel. Quantum Break, also, we put a lot of effort into creating the world, the characters, the stories, but still it was Microsoft IP. They decided not to take it further.

He further added that while the studio has been in the same situation twice but, it wants more freedom with the upcoming game, Control, and don’t want to face the same situation.

However, the statement that Remedy can develop Alan Wake sequel because of the Microsoft is a complete opposite of the previous statement in which the studio noted that it owns the Alan Wake IP and its close to their hearts.

So we own the Alan Wake IP, yes. I just want to say right away that it’s very dear to us and close to our hearts. We all love Alan Wake at Remedy and I think all of us want to see a new Alan Wake game. I just want to say that out loud. Unfortunately, I can’t speak to it anymore than that. We’ll see what happens with Alan Wake next but we all want to see it happen, absolutely.

However, the reason why Remedy Entertainment can’t create a sequel because the studio might be looking for a publisher to publish the sequel.

Also, Microsoft is not interested in the developing Alan Wake sequel as according to Phil Spencer, Remedy is not interested in developing an Alan Wake sequel right now.

What do you think? Should Remedy just let go of the Alan Wake? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: GamesIndustry

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