Alan Wake Remastered Features “Next-Gen Upgrades,” PC Will Be Exclusive To Epic Games Store

The decade-old Alan Wake game appears to be getting remastered by developer Remedy Entertainment with a fresh coat of paint and features.

Remedy Entertainment has gone ahead and officially announced Alan Wake Remastered. The game is “nearing its completion” and will be published by Epic Games for all major platforms. That however means that the PC release will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. It remains to be confirmed if that will be timed-exclusive or not, and if so, for how long.

Alan Wake Remastered will release in fall with “some choice next-generation upgrades,” according to creative director Sam Lake.

The decade-old Alan Wake game appears to be getting remastered by developer Remedy Entertainment with a fresh coat of paint and features.

According to a now deleted product listing by a Taiwanese retailer on the weekend, Alan Wake is being remastered using the proprietary Northlight Engine which Remedy Entertainment used for both Quantum Break and Control.

The for-now rumored Alan Wake Remastered will support ray-traced reflections (and possibly ray-traced lighting) on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles as well as on PC. There however will be no support for ray tracing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but the previous-generation consoles will benefit from higher resolutions and a number of quality-of-life improvements.

Alan Wake Remastered will furthermore run in 60 frames per second but the listing did not clarify at what resolution and settings.

Remedy Entertainment remains to officially acknowledge the said rumors, but Niko Partners’ senior analyst Daniel Ahmad believes that an announcement will be made as soon as next week. Alan Wake Remastered, provided that its earlier product listing was not a hoax, will release for both previous- and current-generation consoles and PC on October 5, 2021.

The original Alan Wake reportedly sold more than 3 million copies during its lifetime. While not as impressive when considering the age of the game, Alan Wake has garnered a cult following over the past decade and as such, fans have been wishing to return to the small fictional town of Bright Falls to experience more of the supernatural events coming to life from the pages of a novel.

It also needs to be pointed out that Remedy Entertainment has been rumored to be working on Alan Wake 2 for a while now. The sequel was reportedly part of a two-project agreement with publisher Epic Games last year which raises an important question: what if the game making steady progress and on the verge of an announcement was not Alan Wake 2 but instead Alan Wake Remastered?

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