Alan Wake Remastered Episode 5 Collectibles Locations Guide

For the completionists out there, Alan Wake Remastered features a ton of collectibles to discover and pick up that further expand the lore of the game. This guide will help you locate and find all the collectibles in Alan Wake Remastered Episode 5: The Clicker.

Alan Wake Remastered Episode 5 Collectibles Locations

There are different collectibles in each of the episodes of Alan Wake. Below we have compiled the location of all the collectibles in Alan Wake Remastered Episode 5

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Manuscript Pages Locations

There are 15 Manuscript pages in Episode 5 of Alan Wake Remastered.

Manuscripts # 1 and 2

Both of these are next to one another. These can be found right outside the jail cell where Nightingale gets taken by the Darkness.

Manuscript # 3

Go to the ‘Oh Deer Diner’. here, look on the wall at the back end of the dark corridor to find the Manuscript.

Manuscript # 4

This is in the Town Hall. Look on the stage of the small briefing room.

Manuscript # 5

Go to the Bookshop after the playground and look behind the counter at the back of the shop to find the manuscript.

Manuscript # 6

On your way to the church, go to the yellow van and look in the back to find the page.

Manuscript # 7

Inside the church, get the page on the Pulpit in the room. Make sure you get this before you head to the Crypt.

Manuscript # 8

While you are going uphill with Barry and Sarah, look in the wooden lookout for the manuscript.

Manuscript # 9

Get to the transformer yard. Look to the left as you enter to find the page behind electrified cables. Run along hugging the left wall to find an opening to loop back to the page.

Manuscript # 10

As you are leaving the same transformer yard via the lift, look on the red armchair on the very top of the lift to find the page.

Manuscript # 11

After you have left Cynthia to find Barry and Sarah, look under the giant water pipe to find the page. For further location, look for a pillar near the pipe reading “Well Lit Room”.

Manuscript # 12

After the Spool attack, you will jump over a fence. Look on a rock right next to the fence.

Manuscript # 13

This Manuscript is only found on Nightmare difficulty. After the transformer yard, look on the side of the road near the yellow school bus. It is near the rotating bridge.

Manuscript # 14

This Manuscript is only found on Nightmare difficulty. Look around the fence near the power plant security room. It can be found on a rock. The area can only be accessed after you have met Cynthia Weaver inside the plant.

Manuscript # 15

This Manuscript is only found on Nightmare difficulty. You can find a fallen tree near the safe haven, before the downed helicopter. On this tree’s trunk is the manuscript page.

Coffee Thermos Locations

There are 20 Thermos to find and collect in Episode 5 of Alan Wake Remastered.

Coffee Thermos # 1

Look inside the police station lobby reception behind the main desk.

Coffee Thermos # 2

After the police station, look on a small wooden shack on the waterfront to find the thermos on the counter.

Coffee Thermos # 3

In the diner, look behind the main counter.

Coffee Thermos # 4

Follow the path until Breaker says “Over here, there’s light”, completely ignore her well wishes and head on straight on the road until you hit a dead end. Here, look next to the portable toilet for the thermos.

Coffee Thermos # 5

After you defeat the Taken with the chainsaw, look in the tent to your left to find the Thermos.

Coffee Thermos # 6

In the Town Hall, look inside the small room next to the Mayor’s office, where you can also find lots of ammunition.

Coffee Thermos # 7

Look in the display window in the bookshop.

Coffee Thermos # 8

Look in the sandpit box in the playground.

Coffee Thermos # 9

Inside the church crypt, move next to the right wall, until you find the thermos in the corner of the room.

Coffee Thermos # 10

During the Taken fight at the helipad, the thermos can be found on the wooden bench at the left corner of the area. You can get it after the fight.

Coffee Thermos # 11

After the helicopter crashes, proceed ahead and look for the speedboat. On the opposite side are a few containers where you will also find the Thermos.

Coffee Thermos # 12

In the area where you find the radio playing Poets of the Fall, look in the next warehouse to find the thermos in one of the concrete pipes near the exit.

Coffee Thermos # 13

In the transformer yard, after you are ambushed by two enemies, turn right to find the thermos on a stack of pallets.

Coffee Thermos # 14

Check around the building with the control panel for the rotating bridge to find the thermos.

Coffee Thermos # 15

In the room with the control panel on the other side of the bridge, the thermos can be found hanging out on the couch.

Coffee Thermos # 16

In the car parking of the powerhouse, look for a small hut in the corner to find the thermos right next to it.

Coffee Thermos # 17

In the power plant, look in Cynthia’s room next to a bookcase.

Coffee Thermos # 18

When defending yourself as the lift arrives, you can find the thermos inside the pipe in front of the lift.

Coffee Thermos # 19

After you exit the lift, turn right and follow the cliff’s edge. After you cross the wrecked car, look for the thermos near the fence.

Coffee Thermos # 20

When the tornado is chasing you across the dam, you’ll descend a spiral staircase. You can find the last thermos for Episode 5 at the bottom of these stairs on a shelf just to the right.

Supply Chests

There are 7 Supply Chests in Episode 5.

Supply Chest # 1

Right after you get through the back gate of the police station, head to the T-section and past the locked gate and harbor to find the first supply chest.

Supply Chest # 2

On the main road, look in the Fresh Seafood and Shrimp warehouse to find the chest.

Supply Chest # 3

This chest is on the 2nd floor of the Town Hall, in the storage room.

Supply Chest # 4

After you exit the bookshop, look in the toolshed on the left to find the chest.

Supply Chest # 5

Before you pass any of the gates leading to the transformer yard, turn left and ad head straight to find the chest.

Supply Chest # 6

Before you get to the power plant, head to the right of the plant towards the waterfront to get the chest on the side of the building.

Supply Chest # 7

The last chest is after the helicopter crash. After you regroup with Sarah and Barry, at the cabin, look at the side of the cabin, to find a small path leading to the chest.

Can Pyramids

There are only 2 Can Pyramids in Episode 5.

Can Pyramid # 1

Near the Deerfest banner, look for the food truck. On top of this truck is the first Can Pyramid.

Can Pyramid # 2

At the power plant, after you meet Cynthia, the can pyramid is found near the kill-0swithc that Cynthia sends you to.

TV Shows

There are 2 TV shows to be found in Episode 5.

TV # 1

The first TV is in the Town Hall. Instead of going straight to the Fuse Box, go upstairs and look for the TV here.

TV # 2

After you cross the bridge to the power plant, go into the control room to find the TV.

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