Alan Wake PC Crashes, Freezes, Errors and Fixes

The Nightmarish adventure of Alan Wake has finally hit PC, and many fans are quite excited about it. Since it’s a console port, some of you may have some difficulties in running the game. Following troubleshooting guide addresses the major issues related to PC version of Alan Wake:

#1 Can’t Fix Tree Flickering problem in Alan Wake (PC)
If you are experiencing this issue, you can use D3DOverrider to force V-sync and Triple Buffering to fix the issue.

#2 Technical: DEVICE_CREATE_ERROR – Invalid Call Error
The error is associated with your GPU drivers. You should uninstall the drivers completely and do a fresh install. Furthermore, try to use this utility to make sure that the old drivers were uninstalled properly.

#3 Can’t Proceed To The Lighthouse
Few players reported the issue but there is nothing serious here as starting a new game or restarting your PC can fix this issue.

#4 Alan Wake Command Line Options
You can use these commands to tweak the settings like the motion blur, etc. You can either use them via steam or add them to the target box of the shortcut:

-w screen width (e.g. -w1280)
-h (screen height) (e.g. -h720)
-window (force windowed)
-novsync (disables v-sync)
-showfps (shows a frame rate counter on screen)
-forcesurround (forces 5.1 speaker mode)
-forcestereo forces stereo (2 channel) speaker mode
-nosound (disables sound)
-cleancloud (deletes your save games and settings for Alan Wake from Steam Cloud)
-noblur (disables the in-game vector blur)
-locale=xx (forces a selected locale)

These commands are meant for the advanced users, and if you don’t have any idea what to do with them then you should simply tweak the available settings from the in-game options.

#5 How To Disable Motion Blur in Alan Wake
You can use the following command line to do that:


You can enter the command by right clicking on Alan Wake in the Steam Library and choosing Properties. From there go to “Set launch options.

#6 Alan Wake Not Responding Error
You should verify the integrity of your files as some files may have been corrupted or missing. If this doesn’t help, then first delete AlanWake.exe from Steam\Steamapps\common\Alan Wake\ folder and check the integrity of the files again.

#7 Alan Wake Doesn’t Start – BeginScene failed – Invalid Call Error
You should try to start the game in windowed mode. You can force it to run it in this mode by using “-window” command.

#8 PC Xbox 360 Controller Not Working
Remedy is aware of the issue which will hopefully be fixed in the upcoming patches. For the time being, you can try this workaround:

Use your mouse/keyboard to enable the vibration from the in-game options instead of using the controller. It seems strange but still may work for you.

If you face any other problem, let us know and we will try to help you out.

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