Alan Wake Bugs, Glitches, Errors, and Fixes Guide

Remedy’s Xbox 360 exclusive Alan Wake has got great appreciation all around from gamers with its immersive story line and good gameplay mechanics. The game graphically is just good as the lack of V-sync and  tripple buffering are the negative points, and if that isn’t enough, the game has got lot of bugs for us to write a whole topic about it.
Anyway Alan Wake is an awesome game overall, something that these bugs can’t take away from Remedy. Still if you are the one having trouble finding your way out or have stuck somewhere. Or any other issue that has spoiled your fun, you may want to give attention to our Alan Wake bug report and guide to fix these bugs.

Alan Wake Themes in LCE Disk Won’t Unlock
It’s a general issue some people facing that when they try to unlock the themes that came with the disc but were met with the disappointment. Its not an issue, its just that themes in LCE disk will take time, you just need to wait till it stops loading, it just takes time, its not a bug or anything.

Checkpoint Respawn Bug
In Alan Wake, the save system is not good at re-spawning you at a safe place when you die. As mentioned by “yoshimi” at official forums, if you die of the cliff, you may end up re-spawning at a position in a way that you get stuck at that position. If that unfortunate incident happens to you, and you don’t have the last checkpoint save, you will need to restart the episode in Alan Wake Episodes menu.

Avatar Clothing Show Up as Locked in Alan Wake LCE
If you have bought LCE version of Alan Wake and have downloaded the developer commentary but are enable to use Avatar clothing as it still show up as locked. Here is what you need to do to enable it:
1. Run the LCE bonus disc
2. Install developers commentary
3. Run the Alan Wake game disc
4. Go to options, enable commentary

You will get a pop up telling you that an Avatar item has been unlocked.

Episode 2: Hidden Crate by Crashed Plan Glitch
This is another hang up in the game which is somewhat rare as mentioned by “Longxinus” at official forums.
“If you go to a safe haven and receive a checkpoint after you hear that noise of an airplane wing falling, then restart from the checkpoint, the wing will remain up there and not fall down, thus not being able to get to the hidden crate. You’ll have to start all over again from episode 2”. You got no other option, you will have to restart from Episode 2 all over again.

Alan Wake Bad Disk Freezing
It can happen due to multiple reasons, either your disk is defected or your HDD is near capacity and is resulting into this error. Careful with near capacity thingy as it can kill your Xbox 360 (RROD).

Radio Shows Don’t Start at Main Menu
Sometimes you want to hear radio shows that you already have unlocked in the game from extra menu options but when you click on them, nothing happens. All you need to do is restart the game and it will work fine, it simple means close the game, go back to the dashboard, start the game again and it will work fine. Once you start playing the game and come back again at menu to listen to the radio, it may not work again so you will have to repeat the go to dashboard and come back procedure.

Game Tearing While Playing on 1080p
This is something V-sync would have fixed it but if you play Alan Wake on 1080p, you may start to get massive tearing and lines on the screen which may spoil the fun for a hardcore gamer. As Remedy is not going to patch this real time soon, it would be better to play the game at 720p, where the game runs smoothly.

LCE Soundtrack Disc Wrong Info
If you have tried to rip soundtrack disc from Alan Wake LCE to your hard drive you may notice, all the tracks are reported as from a person named Brian Dolzani. All these tracks are original, don’t worry, only thing wrong here is the disc and track info.

You Can Get Stuck in Anderson Farm
This bug was recently reported at official forums by “Oren” and here is the brief summary by him.
“The poltergeist bulldozer in the farm can push you through the gate to Anderson’s house. What makes this worse is that the game saves there if you defeat the bulldozer from that side of the gate, which gets you stuck.

Here are the reproduction steps:

1. Get out of the silo in Anderson Farm.
2. When the bulldozer starts attacking you, run towards the wooden gate to the farmhouse (Anderson’s house) and stand in front of it.
3. Let the bulldozer hit you. You will clip through the gate and appear on the other side.
4. Fight the bulldozer from the other side of the wooden gate. It cannot hurt you now. Defeat it.”

This bug will result into the game being saved with you on the wrong side of the wooden gate, and enable to go to the other side. You won’t now be able to complete the silo for Barry objective which makes the game stuck at that point. You may have to restart the entire Anderson’s Farm from episodes menu to continue the game.

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