Alan Wake 2 Looks To Be Entering Full Production Soon

Yet more fuel has been thrown into the fire to suggest that the potential development of Alan Wake 2 has been making steady headway.

Remember that developer Remedy Entertainment signed an agreement with publisher Epic Games last year for two unannounced projects, both of which will be funded by Epic Games in exchange for half of the profits from sales once the initial development cost has been recouped by Remedy Entertainment.

In a business review for the first quarter of the 2021 financial year from earlier today, Remedy Entertainment confirmed that one of the unannounced projects, being triple-a in nature and strongly speculated to be Alan Wake 2, will soon be moving into full production. The second one, being a smaller-scale game, has on the other hand been continuing its development in full production mode.

The update from Remedy Entertainment arrives just a day after Alan Wake 2 was reportedly said to be in active development with a chance of being officially announced at the upcoming all-digital E3 2021 event next month.

The original Alan Wake was released nearly a decade ago and has since then garnered quite a cult following. As much as fans have been requesting for an Alan Wake 2 sequel, the closest thing they received was an Alan Wake-related expansion pack for Control last year. Remedy Entertainment confirmed then that both Alan Wake and Control share a similar universe and that it would be setting a new project to further expand the said universe in the near future.

Remedy Entertainment is currently working on a first-person shooter titled CrossfireX for Xbox platforms. That as well as the two unannounced aforementioned projects which should be getting revealed within the year. Alan Wake 2 will hopefully be one of them.

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