Airschool Enables Game Developers To Earn As Remote Teachers

Airschool arrives at a crucial point in recent history where the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has substantially disrupted the video game industry.

Development schedules continue to be impacted by lockdowns and safety concerns as game studios worldwide make considerable changes to shift their operations online. Working from home has hence become an important need of the hour but which has opened up new avenues for game developers to explore.

Airschool takes great care in enabling game-industry experts to create their own online courses of choice through a plethora of easy-to-use and easy-to-understand creation tools. The online remote teaching platform further supports a number of features such as sales and brand pages, course analytics, custom emails and certificates, marketing webinars, attendance trackers, community walls, Zoom integration, and a vigilant customer support among others.

Airschool already hosts more than 13,000 course creators “who are killing it through their course business,” reads the official blurb. The platform also requires no upfront or periodical investments from game developers to start teaching.

The journey begins without any charge and a commission model comes into play only when a sale is made. All of the accompanying aforementioned features, both present and upcoming ones, will remain free to access indefinitely.

“Driven by the belief to democratize access to education, Airschool is onboarding the best experts who are offering live courses at affordable rates,” says founder and chief executive officer Fatima Rizwan.

Airschool hence thrives as an online knowledge trove which positions itself on an academic cornerstone to remind everyone that learning (and teaching) never stops. The platform seeks to help leading professionals from the game industry to find their inner teaching spirits by becoming teachers themselves to share their expertise with a worldwide audience while making an impressive earning.

It should also be noted that Airschool is designed to facilitate teachers as much as students. The latter or anyone looking to make way into the game industry can easily follow their favorite developers and start learning. Hence, building and finding an audience work in tandem for both teachers and students.

COVID-19 may have thrown a wrench into economies worldwide but people searching for more means to making a living or wanting to grow professionally now have a new option to consider: the magic of remote learning and teaching through platforms like Airschool.

Contributor at SegmentNext.