Airlines Manager 2: Tycoon Beginner’s Guide

Airlines Manager 2: Tycoon Beginner’s Guide will help you run the best airline service in Airlines Manager Tycoon. Learn to keep your passengers happy, how to purchase an aircraft or managing your profits. All the important aspects of the game have been covered in this guide.

We have also listed some tips and strategies to be the best of all of the competition. The game has very deep simulation so do not take the game easy. It requires a deep understanding of different aspects of handling your own airline. Lucky for you, we have listed everything that you need to know.

Airlines Manager 2: Tycoon Beginner’s Guide

Airlines Manager 2: Tycoon Beginner’s Guide details everything that you need to know to successfully run and manage your airline.

Choose your Aircraft Wisely
There are three types of aircraft in the game. SH or Short-haul, MH or Medium-haul, and LH or Long-Haul. For starting the game, it is recommended that you opt for the SH or Short haul planes.

Some MH or Middle haul planes are also good starters but since you will most probably have little or no experience at the moment so go for the SH.

LH planes are riskier as they require more pre-planning and they are also expensive so it is best that you leave them for later.

Another important thing when purchasing your aircraft is that you should get the aircraft at lease. Even if the plane is SH, still it will be worth a lot of money. So in order to save a big upfront payment, always get the aircraft on lease.

This will save money in your bank to be used on other things and you can pay for the lease monthly. SH Flights are easily able to make up the costs to turn over a net profit.

Always try to balance the services. Services are split into four categories: Partnership, Infrastructure, Onboard Services, and Airport Services. Each service has different upgrades that increase the service of your airlines. These services are researched in the R&D lab before you can use them.

Each service and then corresponding upgrades grant bonuses to various stats. These stats must be kept in balance if you want to improve overall services of your airlines. These upgrades not always increase all stats, sometimes you might need to sacrifice one stat for another.

So it is very important that you try to keep a balance between these services so that you maintain a good overall airline.

When it comes to onboard services, they are indicative. It is not always a good idea to opt for every upgrade. You must keep a balance between them to attract customers of every type.

For example, if you develop too many cargo services, you may be considered as a cargo airline and your passengers may switch to the competition. So it is very important that you keep a balance between all your services.

When you unlock cargo in the Research Center, you can increase your revenues by up to 20%.  It’s up to you to adapt your aircraft by allocating space for cargo in your hold.

Agenda is like a quest list and it shows what you need to do next. Always check your agenda to see what you need to do and completing them will yield some pretty sweet rewards so always check your agenda. Agenda will guide you what to do next if you even get lost in the depth of the game.

Clearance Number
Each airport hub and aircraft have clearance numbers. These numbers determine which aircraft can land at that hub, and you need to make sure that your numbers check out.

Airport hubs can only accommodate up to and below their clearance number so make sure you are buying an aircraft that fly to the desired hub.

Checks and Repairs
You must avoid repairing your aircraft unless the wear goes over 10-percent. You will end up charging your airlines with useless costs. When you repair between 10-30%, the repairs do not cost that much and breakdown probability is low. A D Check must never be performed regularly.

If it is done once every two or three months, it will be enough. You are not bound to perform D checks but you should be careful because your aircraft will wear quickly.

Easy Money
When you start the game, guided tours are the best source of income and they also help you understand the basics of the game. You can get a reward of more than $300,000,000 by achieving all the objectives.

Keep the Employees Happy
A strike can break out every day depending on the satisfaction level and chance. To prevent strikes from happening, try not to decrease salaries but keep them at a satisfaction rate over 97%.

If a strike happens, all the flights of the day will be canceled and you do not want that to happen. Try your best to keep your employees happy.

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