Agony Endings Guide

So now you have completed your journey across the nightmarish setting of Hell, but did you get what you wanted? You might have missed something because there are multiple endings to Agony. Find out below, how you can go about to unlock all the 7 Agony Endings in the game.

Agony Endings

Since this survival thriller does value the players’ choice, you will be treated to the ending which best suits your actions through the course of the game.

See what set of actions gets you what type of closure to your horrifying experience through hell in Agony.

Ending #1 – Standard
This is for those who have not quite taken the time to explore the world and have just gone about the business. If your focus is only on the main storyline, you will follow the path the story takes you.

In the end, you will have to defeat the final boss and you will unlock this standard ending along with ‘The Scarlet Woman’ Achievement/Trophy. You must not have met the other requirements listed below if you want to unlock this ending.

Ending #2 – Evil
This particular one unlocks if you have completed two sets of objectives. The first one is to put down a total of 70 enemies regardless of their type. This can be carried throughout the course of the game.

You would also be required to reach the Cathedral on the fourth level of the game. Completing the above tasks will let you earn Evil ending and you will now be closer than ever to get the ‘Good and Evil’ Achievement/Trophy.

Ending #3 – Madman
This ending will trigger if you have completed one simple yet tedious task in the Mushroom Mind. Once there, you will need to sit idly with no movements for 5 minutes

Not even panning the camera here and there is allowed, so keep your controller away for five minutes to unlock this ending and get the ‘I found a job’ Achievement/Trophy.

Ending #4 – Baphomet
You need to defeat the boss in the first level of the game, playing as a Baphomet. After this, you will need to collect its 3D Figurine that can be found in the Fractal Forest.

Now, head to the Mushroom Mind and complete the game to trigger the ending. You will also be able to receive the ‘Your Soul is Mine’ Achievement/Trophy.

Ending #5 – Angel
Two requirements here. First, you will need to find all 4 Angels found in each level of the game. If you are successful in finding them, just go on and complete chapter 2 to trigger the ending.

This ending, along with the ‘Evil’ ending will help you unlock the ‘Good and Evil’ Achievement/Trophy.

Ending #6 – Succubus
This ending is only possible after completing the game at least once. Since then, you will be able to unlock the Succubus mode. Play through it and reach the last level to get this special ending and the ‘Pull It Out!’ Achievement/Trophy.

Ending #7 – Nimrod
This is the toughest and most tedious of the other 6 endings since it requires the most time and effort.

Not only will you be required to complete the game once achieving the ‘Evil’ ending stated above, you will also need to play and complete the game in the Succubus Mode.

Now start with the game again (the third time) and throughout the course of this playthrough, discover and collect all ‘Garments of Adam’. You can grab one of each of the Martyrs in the game.

Now, make your way to the Cathedral, unlock the basement, and head into it. You will not be able to gain entry into the basement if you have not found all of the golden statue parts previously. One for the hardcore players indeed!

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