Agents of Mayhem Money Farming Guide

Since Agents of Mayhem is loosely based on Saints Row, cash plays an important part in your journey through the game. This Agents of Mayhem Money Farming Guide will help you generate all the cash you need, as fast as you need it.

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Agents of Mayhem Money Farming

With these Agents of Mayhem farming tips, we have detailed some methods that will help you earn some easy cash in the game.

The simplest way to make cash is to kill enemies, you will get ample opportunities to do this. Once you kill an enemy, just make your way towards him and walk over him to pick up the dropped cash. Side missions are also very simple, efficient ways to make quick cash.

Some of the side missions such as Relic’s Trading Company missions are integrated within the main game to generate money for simply playing the game.

So make sure you kill every enemy you see and do all the side missions to accumulate bank balance.

Contracts are another way to make some quick cash, they are the same as side missions in most regards, but you can test yourself against other players.

Completing contracts not only rewards you with cash but also other useful stuff so they are a great way of quickly moving forward in your career.

By far the easiest way to make money is to assist Relic in reopening his stores across the city. You get paid around $180 a minute which is awesome.

You can further increase this bonus by purchasing specific upgrades at the Requisitions area on the Ark. This is another method which should help you generate money as you play the game.

Money in open world games like GTA and the likes is very important. In Agents of Mayhem, it is absolutely crucial as your agent needs money to get the most out of its upgrades.

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