Agents of Mayhem Agents Unlockables Guide

This Agents of Mayhem Agents Unlockables Guide will have a rundown of all the playable characters in the game, their benefits and how players can unlock each character to outfit their squad to be as amazing as possible.

Unlike Saints Row, the spiritual predecessor of Agents of Mayhem, Volition’s latest game offers players the chance to choose from one of 14 playable characters instead of designing one of their own and then sticking to it throughout the game.

Each of these characters, 12 in the base game and 2 as a pre-order bonus, have unique personalities and abilities that keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

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Agents of Mayhem Agents Unlockables

As mentioned earlier, the game has 14 playable characters but unless players pre-ordered the game, they can only choose from 12 of those.

Out of these 12, some are unlocked from the start while others have to be unlocked through missions as players progress through the game.

Braddock is part of the Carnage a Trois squad alongside Daisy and Yeti. She needs to be unlocked by finishing the Operation: Let’s Go and serves as a Tactician. Like every other agent, Braddock has a number of gadgets to choose from at her disposal.

  • Clean Living: max health increased by 25%
  • Rail Gun: see and shoot enemies through walls
  • Corps Strength: 30% bonus damage for Special Ability
  • Cluster Rocket: launch cluster rockets for AoE damage
  • Dragonhead Scope: increased 20% damage in Fine Aim
  • Knockaround Scope: chance to stagger increased by 15%
  • AP Rounds: inflict vulnerability and deal damage through defenses
  • Dead Med Redemption: critical hits have a 15% chance to drop extra health
  • Cleansweep Barrel: the longer the players shoot, the more the rifle deals damage upto 45%

Braddock also has a number of ways she can upgrade her abilities and performance on the field. While Core Upgrades require Crystal Core to upgrade, players can get Upgrade Points for some skills by simply leveling up. Each Upgrade can have up to 10 points invested in it to improve performance

  • Natural Leader: increased XP gain, 1% per upgrade
  • Bullet Sponge: improved health regen, 0.5% per upgrade
  • Apocalypse Now: Mayhem Ability summons mega lasers
  • Born To Kill: improved Fine Aim Damage, 1.5% per upgrade
  • Hellraiser: improved Mayhem Ability power, 10% per upgrade
  • Strong-Hearted: core upgrade, grants Fortify if Braddock is within 10 meters of more than one enemy
  • Rough and Ready: When Braddock swaps in or out, the arriving agents gets 1 stack of Forify and Empower

Mayhem Ability
Air Strike!: Braddock uses her cigar to call upon a bombardment of laser strikes on the ground

Daisy carries a minigun as her main weapon of choice and is a heavy weapons expert. To unlock her, players need to complete Operation: The Morning After. The same system of gadgets and upgrades like every other agent is also in place for Daisy.

Daisy is an amazing tank and should be an ideal choice to add in the player’s squad for some good defense who can go up against a number of enemies and emerge victorious.

  • Slow Burn: gun heats up less slowly
  • Derby Stance: 20% increased Health and Shield
  • Lead Lined Pads: melee attacks inflict knockback
  • Standing Tall: gains Fortify when in Fine Aim mode
  • Firebrand: weapon spin up reduction, 5% per upgrade
  • Lead Jammer: max health increased, 2% per upgrade
  • Wildfire: gets Empowered when minigun is fully heated
  • Body Cleanse: lose all debuffs when using special ability
  • Caged Heat: increases maximum heat limit of gun by 25%
  • Snowplow: special ability damage increased, 4% per upgrade
  • Derby Doll: Mayhem Ability duration increases by 5% per upgrade
  • Rough Rider: gain health for every enemy killed during Mayhem ability
  • Gut Puncher Ammo: 25% chance to inflict Enfeeble on enemies when using minigun
  • Quick Pass: Cools down gun, get Fortify and Haste allowing her to ram enemies for damage
  • Kick Out The Jams: similar to Quick Pass but once gun is cooled down, unleashes a shockwave to knockback and damage enemies
  • Hit Switcher: Bullet spread is decreased

Mayhem Ability
Jammer Mode: Daisy’s gun loses the ability to store heat and gains an improved fire rate and damage output

Fortune is available to players from the start of the game and dual wields energy pistols. Fortune is assisted by her drone companion Glory to take down enemies. Braddock lacks in upgrades and abilities so she isn’t a great choice for late game.

  • Cannonball: combines pistols to unleash a massive energy ball
  • Stunning Glory: Glory attacks enemies, stunning them for Fortune to finish off
  • Dual Energy Pistols: short range weapons that deal more damage as they heat up
  • Quicksand: shoots a bubble which inflicts Slow and some damage over-time. Fortune also receives Haste for the duration of this effect
  • Powder Keg: shield is restored if an enemy is hit by this effect; and a stack of Fortify is gained for each enemy hit (up to 4 stacks)
  • Captain’s Orders: killing opponents makes Glory deliver stun blasts 20% more often
  • Dead Eye Scope: critical hit damage is boosted by 50%


  • Master Gunner: overheat recovery increased, +3% per upgrade
  • Scallywag: quicker special ability refresh rate, +3% per upgrade
  • Boatswain: faster shield reboot, +4% per upgrade
  • Treasure Hunter: extra cash rewards, +5% per upgrade
  • Fire at Will: Glory’s chance to stun targets is increased
  • Grape Shot: Glory gains a 50% chance to inflict stun onto three opponents at once, with each attack
  • Full Sail: weapons remain overcharged as long as the Mayhem ability is active

Mayhem Ability

Stunning Glory: Fortune calls upon her drones to release multiple blasts which inflict stun on the enemies, which lasts for as long as the Mayhem ability is active.

Johnny Gat from Saints Row franchise is also a playable character in the game who wakes up from a year long coma and gets recruited by Mayhem. He is available exclusively through pre-order.


Hardtack is also one of the starting playable characters in the game who wields a high damage dealing shotgun for short range attacks.

  • Depth Charge: deploy mines and detonate them remotely
  • Teleharpoon: throws a harpoon at the enemy and pulls them closer
  • Heavy Drum Shotgun: Charges enemies and deals devastating damage at short range

An aspiring actor and a bounty hunter, Hollywood is the third character available to players from the start of the game and is excellent at medium range with his assault rifle.

  • Target Optimizer: increases hip-fire range
  • Team Player: Bonus Mayhem 5% per upgrade
  • Coverboy: increase magazine size by 2 per upgrade
  • Delayed Reaction: dash leaves behind a timed grenade
  • Red Carpet Bomb: grenade that blinds and slows enemies
  • Macaroni Western: earn bonus crit damage when hip firing
  • Attention Seeker: grenade that deals high explosive damage
  • Run and Gun Stock: firing for more than 2 seconds grants Haste
  • Rapid Fire Magazine: critical hits increase reload chance by 15%
  • Action Hero: increase Mayhem Ability duration by 5% per upgrade
  • New Age Guru: Special Ability cooldown reduced by 3.5% per upgrade
  • Photoshop Job: grenades that deals moderate damage and makes enemies vulnerable
  • Last Ditch Launcher: special ability cooldown is reduced when shields drop below 50%
  • Spotlight Booster: Mayhem Ability has shortened initial duration but each kill extends it by 10%
  • ‘Merica: Mayhem Ability creates more explosions, gives unlimited ammo and improves rate of fire
  • Star Power Amplifier: inflict enfeeble and vulnerability on enemies when Hollywood dashes to them

Joule is part of the Bombshell squad, carrying an energy beam gun. To unlock her, players first need to complete Operation: Technologia. Joule is a great operator to have in squad as her turret can deal a lot of damage without the need of her having to ever leave cover.

She can also continue to buff it using Gadgets like Showstopper and Eye-Catcher. Combined with the Core Upgrade Proper Protection, the turret gains a personal shield and becomes a deadly force to reckon with.

  • Life of Excess: turret gains increased rate of fire
  • Energy Beam Gun: beam weapon that is good for single targets
  • Safeties Off: summons a Prima Touretta that emits a large pulse which staggers and deals damage to enemies in range

This SMG wielding agent can be recruited after completing Operation: Royal Pain and should be recognizable by Saints Row fans as Pierce, the person who united all the gangs of Stilwater. While he mainly uses a SMG, Kingpin actually has a lot of weapons at his disposal making him useful in all sorts of situations.

  • Self Destructive: uses SMG like a grenade to deal damage in an area
  • Anger Management: Call in a boombox that forces nearby enemies to dance
  • Assault Rifle/Shotgun Combo: switches between weapons ideal for all situations and range

Similar to Gat, Lazarus is also a pre-order exclusive character.

Oni wields a silenced pistol making him a deadly assassin with no remorse when it comes to killing his enemies. Players can recruit him by completing Operation: Demon & Fox as he is one of the best agents to have in squad despite only having 7 bullets in his pistol.

Thanks to the status effects he applies on enemies with his pistol, he has high utility in all situations. However, Oni’s true strength shines when against Legion Commanders as his assassin skills kick in.

  • Fear Tactic: attacks deal critical damage and panics the targets
  • Silenced Pistol: uses stealth and a deadly pistol to take down enemies
  • Fear the Demon: all nearby enemies become panicked and are easier to kill

Unlocked after Operation Raging Arrow: Special Investigation Rama, Rama is a bow wielding deadly archer hailing from India and a great addition to the squad if players are accurate with her bow. Her attacks deal up to 50% extra critical damage allowing most targets to be killed by just one hit.

Her Mayhem ability also deals a great amount of AoE damage to clear areas and can be customized to stun, explode or poison enemies.

  • Death Trap: fires a trap arrow that damages enemies who come closer
  • B.O.W: fast firing and deadly bow allows for long and close range encounters
  • Patient Zero: fires an arrow infused with poison that spreads to other enemies when the previous one dies

She wields a sword as her weapon making her a bit scary to play at first because of close quarters combat but Scheherazade is one of the best agents in the game simply because of how amazing her sword is which can cut through multiple enemies in a matter of seconds.

Her Core Upgrade Optimal Focus allows her to deal extra damage to enemies at full health and combined with Unseen hand gadget, she lands a guaranteed critical hit with every attack from stealth. To unlock her, players first need to complete Operation: Dimensions of the Ninja.

  • Blindside Blades: these knives blind enemies
  • Stealth Mode: go into stealth mode and gain bonus damage to attack

Players can unlock the hard hitting tank Yeti by completing Operation: Caged Ice, available after unlocking Rama. Yeti carries a cold gun and should be familiar to Saints Row players as Oleg Kirlov.

  • Frozen Solid: creates a shockwave that freezes all enemies in range
  • Cold Gun: slow down and freeze enemies allowing Yeti to hit them with strong melee attacks
  • Prisoner of Ice: stomps the ground to freeze enemies and gains superpowered melee strikes

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