Agents of Mayhem Agency Upgrades Guide

Agents of Mayhem Agency Upgrades Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about leveling up Agency and Agency Upgrades.

Agents of Mayhem lets you increase the level of your organization in order to unlock new upgrades and abilities. You should be able to find the Agency Upgrades at the Requisition Desk in The Ark after hitting Level 6. There, you will see a detailed list of upgrades against their cost and level.

One important thing that you need to note is that Agents of Mayhem Agency Upgrades are expensive so be careful with your choices. Some Agency Upgrades in the game that provide very meek benefits for their cost. However, if money is not a problem, try to invest in as many of them as possible.

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Agents of Mayhem Agency Upgrades

As mentioned earlier, in order to access Agency Upgrades in The Ark, you must progress through the Main Story and defeat Golem.

How to Increase Agency Level in Agents of Mayhem
Like leveling up individual Agents, you can level up your Agency using multiple ways. I have listed some of the methods below:

You should always try to unlock new Agents. By doing so, you will not only expand your options but also add 5 XP to your Agency Level with each unlocked Agent.

Since there are only a handful of Agents in the game, once you are done with them, switch to activate Warp Points, each of which will also add 5 XP to your Agency Level.

Once you are done with both the methods mentioned above, get to leveling up your Agents that should allow you to add 2 XP to your Agency Level. You can refer to our ‘Leveling up Fast Guide’ to know some of the best methods of power leveling in Agents of Mayhem.

While we are on the subject of Agents, do not forget about completing both the Operations for each of the Agents that should add 2 XP to your Agency Level.

Another little thing that you can do in order to increase your Agency Level is to buy Core Upgrades for your Agents that should net your Agency 1 XP.

Lastly, finding vehicles in the game will let you add 7 XP to your Agency Level and that is per vehicle. I highly suggest checking out our Vehicles Blueprints Guide attached above for more information!

You can also activate wrap points in order to get more XP. Your Agency level will get 5 XP for each Wrap Point that you find.

Completing Agent Operations will also get you XP so that you could increase your Agency Level.  If you complete both of the operations for an Agent, it will yield 2 XP to your Agency Level.

Agency Upgrades

As you continue to level up your Agents of Mayhem Agency, you will unlock new abilities. In this section of the guide, I have provided an overview of the all the bonuses that you can get by leveling up your Agency.

Agency Level 4
Reaching Level 4 unlocks Armory and RnD Upgrades Gremlin Tech.

Agency Level 5
Reaching Level 5 unlocks Wreckroom, Operations.

Agency Level 6
Reaching Level 6 unlocks Vehicle Bay.

Agency Level 7
Reaching Level 7 unlocks Requisitions.

Agency Level 8
Reaching Level 8 unlocks Global Conflicts.

Agency Level 9
Reaching Level 9 unlocks Legion Tech in RnD.

Agency Level 10
Reaching Level 10 upgrades Mayhem Database and adds additional items in Requisitions.

Agency Level 14
Reaching Level 14 adds even more items in Requisitions.

Agency Level 16
Reaching Level 16 further upgrades Mayhem Database.

Agency Level 18
Reaching Level 18 adds even more items in Requisitions.

Agency Level 20
Reaching Level 20 further upgrades Mayhem Database.

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