Age of Wushu Life Skills, Crafting and Gathering Guide – How To

Age of wushu
Age of Wushu like many other MMO games, offers much more than just action and combat. Crafting of course is a basic element and Age of Wushu present players with an extensive system to craft different items.

The gathering/crafting process in the game is diverse enough that at some time, you may forget being a fighter and start considering yourself a trader/merchant. The good thing about crafting system is that your combat skills won’t matter if you want to be a good craftsman. You collect materials in different ways and craft items using the raw materials and various equipment.

Although, both the gathering and crafting processes are laid out straight, new players may have a hard time to grasp the concept effectively. Even if you are an experienced MMO player, being a good craftsman in Age of Wushu may consume a lot of your time. In order to help our community, I am going to mention the very basics of the whole crafting system so that you can gather, produce and sell goods effectively.

Age of Wuhsu – Life Skills/Professions

Age of Wushu offers players to choose from four different categories: Gathering, Manufacturing, Cultural and Marketplace. All these categories except Culture can be leared in any major city or birth town. The Culture, however, can only be learned only in the five major cities. Among these categories, there are sub-classes of skills, which are as follows:


If you want to be a gatherer, you can adopt the following life skills:

Farmers can plant crops on the fields and sell them for cash. The skill can be learned from Life Shifu. The cost will vary depending on the other skills you have learned in the same category.

You are going to need a farm and seeds to get started. The seeds can be purchased from Shifu and can be found in your ‘My Life’ tab. Fertilizers, herbicides and Pesticides can be used to protect and increase the production of your crops. As a necessity, you should have hoe for planting crops or a tablet for raising silkworms in your backpack to proceed with this profession.

They will catch fist and utilize it for trade. Once you have learned the skill, you will receive Fishing Novice and you will be able to perform the Fisherman daily tasks. The resources you will gather as Fisherman can be used by Chefs, Herbalists, and Poison Makers.

Being a hunter, you will have to hunt down animals and use the gathered resources collected from them including, meat, skin, fur and bones etc. You can learn the skill from Hunter Life Shifu and get started with your daily tasks after that. You must have a skinning knife with your to proceed with this profession.

A Miner can collect ores from different mines throughout China. You can learn the skill from Miner Life Shifu after which, you will be able to perform the daily tasks. You need to have mining pickaxe in your backpack to proceed with this profession. Performing mining task will also render you will a buff for 30 minutes that increases your brawn attribute and jumping.

As a woodcutter, you will collect wood from trees. Like other skills, you can learn it from Woodcutter Life Shifu. As a basic requirement, you need to have an axe in your backpack. The woodcutting skill will give you the same buff as mining.


Being a manufacturer, you can adopt the following life skills:

You will be able to create weapons by learning this skill. You can learn it from Blacksmith Life Shifu. To complete tasks for this profession, you need to have a blacksmith hammer in your inventory.

This life skill will allows you to make food. After learning the skill, you must have a slice, turner or spoon with you to perform cook’s daily tasks.

This manufacturing life skill will allow you to make jewelery, hasps and other equipment. You will be requiring a Craftsman Hammer to proceed with the daily jobs of this life skill.

You will be making medicines using this life skill. After you have learned the skill, you will need Herbalist Crusher or Roller in your inventory to perform the Herbalist task.

Poison Maker
You will be able to make poisons via this life skill. Poison Maker/Crusher is the tool necessary to perform the daily Poison maker tasks so you need to have it before you go that road.

Like to create clothes? Tailor is the life skill you should learn. Being a tailor however, you will be needing a Pair of Scissors in your backpack to perform the tailoring tasks.

Being a cultural entity, you can learn the following life skill:

Otherwise known as scholar, the Calligraphers will create scrolls that can have different benefits like experience gain, cost reduction and buffs. You will be requiring a Calligraphy Brush in order to perform the daily tasks.

You will get the ability to play music. You might be wondering that how music will help you. Well, if you manage to play the music properly, it can render players with some useful buffs which are quite useful in PvP.

Playing music won’t be like pressing a button but it’s a mini-game like guitar hero where you will have to press the button combinations in time to keep the buffs up. After learning the skill, you must have Qin (a Chinese musical instrument) to perform this profession’s daily tasks.

All i know about the Wieqi life skill is that you can provide various bonuses to your team after learning this skill. If you have more information on this life skill, you can share with us in the comments below.

4. Marketplace
You can choose the following categories of life skills under this main category:

Although it’s an expensive skill, there are benefits like cultivation and future telling etc which you can use for various benefits.

I don’t think that this should be included as a profession but we live in a strange world and it’s there in Age of Wushu. As humiliating as it may sound, but there are some benefits being a beggar. One for instance is that your infamy can be reduced up to 300.

Age of Wushu – How to Learn a Profession

Learning a skill/profession isn’t a hard job. You need a specific amount and the place where you can learn these skills. If you still don’t have the clue about the whole procedure, following simple steps will teach you the task:

Open the map by pressing “M” button on the keyboard. Here, click the Shifu tab to reveal the locations of all the available Shifus. You can press “I” to check your profession status.

Head to that location and pay him the amount asked. The amount can vary depending on the skills you have learned before. Once the skill is learned, you will become a Novice for the learned skill and you can now start completing the daily tasks to progress.

Now that you have the idea of different fields for crafting in Age of Wushu, let’s move onto the next step that is how to gather materials and how to craft different items.

Age of Wushu – How to Collect Materials

Well, material collection in the game is no different than any other MMO. You just need to find the material and harness it by a simple click. Although, most of the professions are independent of your combat skills (except hunting), the skill level of your profession is important.

I will recommend that you learn these skills earlier even if you don’t plan to use them right away. Why? It’s because your skill level will increase on the daily basis.

You can also use missions given by the trainers to increase the skill level. As you will progress, you will be able to collect materials more effectively.

Age of Wushu – Crafting Tips

It’s obvious that the type of item you want to craft is dependent on the life skill and the materials you gather. Luckily, Age of Wushu allows you learn any skill you want. There is no limit. So, if you learned a skill and later on realized that the items you want to craft cannot be crafted using that skill, you can always learn others.

The only thing that will be wasted is your coins. However, there is a limit on each crafting skill on the daily basis. You can also unlearn any skill you want but in doing so, you will loose all the recipes you had.

The crafting process itself is not complicated. You will open the Life Panel and mix the materials according to the given requirements (as mentioned on the recipes). The Life Shifus are the hub for each type of crafting. If you have the materials, just go to the NPC at the concerned Shifu and craft the material you want.

Well, that’s pretty much it as far as the basics are concerned. If you know this much, you can craft items in Age of Wushu without any major problem. If you have any tips, or you want to add to it, you can share with us in the comments below.

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