Age of Wonders: Planetfall Spacers Faction Guide – Units, Abilities

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Spacers are raiders that roam the afterworld of Star Union scavenging and raiding to acquire supplies. They belong to the Mega-City of the Star Union that used virtual entertainment and soothing chemicals mixed in their food for the masses to keep them in check.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Spacers

The collapse of the Unions brought the Spacers back to the harsh reality in which they had only their perverse and violent way to make survival.

They formed tribal gangs off the most ruthless and the strongest to loot and ransack, just to numb their blissful past. The Spacers live in shanty town ample with supplies to replenish for those players who want to make allies in them.


They are post-apocalyptic raiders with VR headsets. They are somewhat modified and improved with mechanical organs and enhancements to survive in the desert world.

Their headsets are remnants of their ancestral world that existed inside the virtual reality and although it has been offline for generations, its effects are still visible in their attire.


Spacer units are highly impulsive and reckless. They mostly rely on explosive AoE damage and also make use of buffing techniques. For this, they make use of effigies.

These are totem-like objects that the spacers units drop when they are killed. The effigy attracts other spacer units to itself marking the enemy’s last known location. This rallying together also grants them a 25% damage boost each turn.

There are 6 different spacer unit types. These are listed below:

  1. Psycho: These are maniacal frontline melee attack units that make use of a mace. These units use Berserk Chemicals to enhance their movement and attack power by 25%.
  2. Truck: These are their assault cavalry units. They are truck modified for the battleground, with turrets welded to them and strengthened for ramming into enemy units. When the truck is surrounded by a lot of enemies, it will blow itself up in a massive explosion killing all in close range. Adversely, if its HP reaches zero, it will blow up.
  3. Melter: It is a disfigured mutant Spacer unit with psychopathic behavior. It gets its name from its attack called the Acid Bath. This is a ranged acid shot that corrodes and disfigures the target.
  4. Helicopter: This is an airborne helicopter that drops high explosive on the enemies from above. It also has a shift laser mechanism to shoot other air units down. Its targeting system allows it to lock on to an enemy and crash into it when it is shot down.
  5. Junk Ship: This is Spacer’s seat unit that allows the spacer to attack and commandeer other ships.
  6. Prophet: This is a psy-damaging unit that can cause broken minds and insanity among the enemies. It makes it easier for troops to leave effigies when they die along with boosting the damage buff attained through the effigies. When killed, the Prophet leaves a Power Vacuum allowing any nearby Spacer infantry unit to become the next Prophet by coming to its carcass.

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