Age of Wonders: Planetfall Paragon Faction Guide – Units, Overdrive, Tips

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Paragon Faction Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about the Paragon faction, its units, and some tips. The Star Union Empire consists of many inhabitants, but The Paragon was considered as the best natives that were a part of it.

Following the Collapse, every transmission along with the interstellar was terminated and Paragons having a higher status went from living an enjoyable life to a life of endurance and suffering, the remaining inhabitants were stranded, their links & relationships with CORE ended.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Paragon Faction

As time passed, the separated enlargements that provided them with everlasting age along with the Power that was considered Goldy and extraordinary, began to hesitate. Due to which several Paragon were falling into insanity and decomposition.

Even though everything was decomposed, The Paragon were still aware of their higher position. The Paragons began to organize powerful groups which were frequently managing the remains of the Royal Forces They consider themselves superior to other groups.

However, peaceful links can be made if they satisfy and impress them. They are guided by those who consider themselves as Prophets and leaders of Paragon and proclaim to lead them toward human development.


The Paragon Group consists of two types:

The Original Paragon
The first type is the superior inhabitants they survived during their downfall due to their augments. They are considered as the original Paragon.

The Royal Guards
The second type is the Royal Guards. Their main purpose is to protect the Paragon throughout the Star Union. They are commanded by The Paragon and perform every task under the supervision of The Paragon even in the battle.

These Royal Guards are augmented as well but presently have been decayed because of their decreased standard of development.

Overdrive Mechanic

The Paragon can exploit the Royal Foot-Soldiers augments.

The damage channel from the hits of Royal Guards is differentiated by overdrive. Royal Guards blow up due to the received “Unstable Augments”. They are considered as a deadly force to reckon with.

They are provided with remarkable rewards when they receive overdrive. Just keep in mind that when the Overdrive Royal Guards are rushing towards you – you may want to use Crowd Control.


These vehicles are a bonus which you can find on the World Map but they can’t be acquired from the Paragon’s residence because they don’t properly belong to Paragon Group. However, they are sometimes used by them.


These Residencies were fortresses which were massively constructed situated in a sea of remains and exclusively belonged to Star Union.

Nevertheless, the Paragon along with The Royal Guards reside in the remains, the insanity is at its peak when you see them holding the short-lived vestige of inhabitants in this era.


Royal Soldier
A typical foot-guard consisting of a firearms-based assault rifle along with a single and unique grenade which alters to arc based equipment.

Royal Guard
Royal Guard is a guard who possesses a powerful Brawl (melee) attack and consists of a good resistance for attacks. It looks terrifying as well as becomes faster, boosts in defense upon receiving an overdrive. However, its shield is unsafe to edgy attacks due to its features.

Royal Heavy Soldier
This guard is known for its motorized gear with good quality ammunition. It acts like a large caliber gun. This soldier’s assault is more reactive upon receiving overdrive.

Paragon Fanatic
They are really powerful to battle with. They are considered as the toughest to strike. They intercept an adversary’s targets due to the possession of targeting jammer. It can easily migrate in fights due to its possession of phase augments. It uses its soldiers and guards to handle the battle, while it stays away from the fight.

Paragon Techno Prophet
It considers itself as the commander of The Paragon units. It looks downwards on allies along with Adversaries while above battleground in a royal seat which provides this Prophet with special skills like commands for backup outside the battleground, linking to a vintage Star union military satellite situated in orbit to descend explosion of arc energy and causes damage to adversaries, calling more Royal Groups which are not in the battleground.

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