Age of Wonders: Planetfall Growth Faction Guide – Units, Tips

In our Age of Wonders: Planetfall Growth Faction Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about Growth Faction and all the units in the game. When the star union expanded, an unlikely planet was discovered by the expeditionary forced. This heavenly planet was buried under extraordinarily grown plants that complete forgot the rules of normal plant growth. But that is not the only thing this jungle was peculiar in.

All the plants in the jungle were somehow interconnected and they reacted to and even predicted how the scientists who were studying them going to react.

Upon realizing the worth of these quick growing and extraordinary plant species, they wanted to utilize these plants for terraforming by cultivating and genetically altering them.

They called it Growth, but its actual name was quite long and scientific. Growth could interact with other wildlife by forming bonds which were symbiotic if it was allowed to grow large enough.

It became more sophisticatedly sentient which was harmful to other progressing colonies, which means it was required to keep Growth’s growth in check.

By deployment in terraforming colonies scientist gained both success and failures because in some places Growth bore fruit such as local flora and fauna was improved but it had to be kept in check because on some planets they lost control of growth and it developed to the point where it created symbiotic bonds with the wildlife there and in some cases it even attracted intelligent life towards them using pheromones.

People feared that they would be attracted in by growth and never come back and be one with the growth due to symbiotic bonding. After these planets collapsed growth was left unchecked and it evolved and grew rapidly.

Mothernodes Clusters were formed which are the central hub for Growth’s sentience.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Growth Faction

This faction is classified into two main sides called flora and fauna. Symbiotic Bonds were formed with the fauna e.g. the giant bees which benefitted both sides.

Growth communicated through telepathic bonds which it formed by expulsing a specific kind of pollen. It was an immensely intelligent species.

Growth wants to form symbiotic bonds with every life forms that it encounters and it forms armies using its abilities consisting of mostly wildlife.

Using pheromones to lure them in and controlling their minds and even intelligent creatures can fall prey to growth and never return.

Diplomatic relations with the Growth are possible despite it benevolently absorbing other life through symbiosis and some of its requests are even interesting.

Growth Units

Bees and Bine Bud unit both provide melee capabilities to The Growth. It can also cause regeneration and healing by using its pollen, making them pretty strong.

The Flowering Node and Seed Cluster can cause great biochemical damage so its ranged damage shouldn’t be taken lightly, another reason for this is that enemy unit’s kinetic and biochemical resistance is decreased due to which synergy is increased with the lineup and also increases vulnerability to melee attacks.

Due to the mod compatibility of growth and Amazon, their synergy is very strong because in their mainline only Amazon can access plant units. Listing down the animals we have:

1. Worker Bee
These creatures with a nasty sting are the most commonly found animals with the Growth. They have peculiar pollen with them which is their main utility. Their regenerative capabilities are also good.

2. Soldier Bee
Growth is mainly protected by soldier bees. All hostile threats to the growth are defended by their swarms. Their ranged attack is the armor melting corrosive spit, along with that if enemies get close enough, they have the nasty sting ready for them.

3. Vine Bud
In the Growth’s plant family section, this is the smallest unit. If enemies get close its vines could be deadly, they even spawn smaller versions of vine sprouts during combat. In spite of being stationary these vines’ melee attack is very strong.

It is best to be used for area denial or laying traps.

4. Flowering Node
The first proper ranged unit in the lineup of Growth is the Flowering Node.

The deadly poison which causes biochemical damage can be released by that has ranged effect using the noxious poison ability, in addition to the ranged damage it can cause allergic reactions by using Allergic Spray.

Non-mechanical units can be mind-controlled when it uses it deploys a spray of pheromones, causing them to betray their allegiance.

5. Seed Cluster
It is a repeating artillery unit of tier IV and has its uniqueness in Planetfall being one of a kind. Single units at a range can be targeted by seed bomb attacks.

The barrage ability is the main threat from it because in spite of being inaccurate its effect area is very large due to which is can because of a lethal barrage, pulverizing everything close by.

It even staggers and slows down enemies using this, if that wasn’t already enough there is a bonus of allergic reaction.

Another powerful ability it has is releasing a great amount of pollen which helps the friendly units regenerate health for some turns. This helps in keeping growth alive.

6. Plant Roots
Plant roots are shared by every plant unit of growth as a strong defense mode. It grants increased armor with stagger immunity for the next turn. They are very resilient.

The Amazon Arborian Units, The Arborian Sentinel, and the Arborian Queen are the most noteworthy units that also share this defense mode.

7. Dwelling
The overgrown and extravagantly expanded area of the jungle is called Growth Dwelling.

It surrounds the Mothernode in the central region, the Growth Sentience’s main nervous system and it has a very rough and hostile terrain with dangerous and fatal lifeforms. Spreading its thick vines all the jungle starting from its center.

Throughout the sector, these vines are spread out like flora and clusters.

You can choose your stance which would determine whether you would cause the vegetarians to downfall or fight them out of your planet line the Star Union of the old did.

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