Age of Wonders: Planetfall Factions Guide – All Playable and Non-Playable Factions

This Age of Wonders: Planetfall NPC Factions Guide will help you find all the information you’ll ever need regarding the several factions in the game. We will be discussing both playable and non-playable factions. Let us begin:

Age of Wonders: Planetfall NPC Factions

Age of Wonders: Planetfall places emphasis on you building a mighty army while you progress through the 6 different factions in the RPG.

These are the Amazon, Dvar, Assembly, Kir’ko, Vanguard, and Syndicate factions. This guide lists all you need to know about every one of them, as well as about the NPC factions.

Primary Factions

These are the main factions in the game that stick with the gameplay forever. You can interact with these factions at some point in the game too. These are:

Amazon Faction
This faction consists entirely of women who are proficient with the bow, excellent explorers, as well as can control wildlife and the wilderness due to their exploration skills. They can make use of animals during combat to help them out.

Dvar Faction
These dwarves have access to vehicles that they can use against foes have the ability to reshape and terraform mountains. The plus side to playing as this faction is that they’re immune to any penalties on the volcanic terrain.

Vanguard Faction
After awakening from their cryo-sleep, these soldiers are ready to fight with their advanced tech and weaponry that’s all laser sighted.

These humans represent the Star Union and are able to perform well in a variety of different environments and scenarios due to their versatility.

Assembly Faction
A crude way to define this faction is calling them Zombie Cyborgs. A mixture of robotics and dead organic matter, these technologically advanced warriors can make use of enemy corpses by augmenting them with themselves.

It’s pretty messed up but its part of their philosophy regarding reincarnation.

Kir’ko Faction
These insects are extremely smart and dangerous due to their large numbers. They can take enemies down and then expand their own race very quickly.

Syndicate Faction
These are slavers and merchants are extremely proficient in stealth and can send slaves to do their dirty work.

NPC Factions (Non-Playable)

Each NPC Faction comes from its own sector and can give you quests. These quests can help you maintain good terms with them and improve opinion.

You can annex the NPCs the dwellings to get resources if opinion is good enough. If you fail to keep any one of these factions happy, the NPC potential hostility towards you will increase, so try to prevent that from happening.

The Spacers
These mutants are the remnants of an old population and they define their beliefs based on gaming culture. They explore the physical world ever since.

The Psi-Fish
These floating aliens resemble underwater creatures by the way they move. They’ve become more common after the sight.

The Growth
Plants that gained intelligence after some biological experiments and then escaped from Terra Tech. They prefer to live in harmony.

The Paragons
This arrogant bunch used to be an important government class in the old days. After the collapse, they began depending on therapy and augments but they’re still their old bitter entitled selves.

The Automons
After the collapse of the network, these robots reached full autonomy and now follow their own will.

That’s all you need to know about the primary and non-playable factions in Age of Wonders: Planetfall. You can check our Age of Wonders: Planetfall Growth Faction Guide if you’re looking for more guides on Planetfall.

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