Age of Wonders: Planetfall Colonies Guide – Defense, Annex Sectors

Looking for information on all the colonies in the new Age of Wonders? Our Planetfall Colonies Guide will help you find all the information you’ll need on colonies.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Colonies

In Age of Wonders: Planetfall, colonies are the main and most important source of economic progress and wealth for a commander providing Energy, Knowledge, Food and Production and Power to the commander, they are the main settlements that contain the population of a primary combatant faction.

Where a ship makes the Planetfall, a commander’s starting colony is placed there. More colonies can be founded and added to your faction by using a colonizer or taking on other factions.

You can produce income from a colony in two ways:

  1. Flat income: Income that is produced directly from buildings and resource nodes and not dependent on the number of colonists, while
  2. Per colonist income: Income you get from every individual based on its performance in the assigned resource type.

When you acquire a colony from another faction, you also unlock their tech tree and then it’s available for you to research.


Colonists are the population units that determine the size of a colony. Natural growth limit of a colony can be determined by the total number of resource slots.

You can get more colonies into your faction or you can build more buildings to get an increased number of resource slots.

If you have fewer resource slots and more colonists, these remaining colonists return to an idle state. An idle colonist produces zero income but still costs upkeep.

Colonists have an upkeep cost of 2 Food and 1 happiness, so you must take care to see that the colony does not grow so fast that it produces idle colonists.

If you let these idle colonists stay as they are, and the food income drops below 0, these colonists will starve and be removed from the colony.

Some idle colonists through the negative or below zero happiness and hostile covert ops can become rioters. These rioters remain in their resource slots and do not produce any upkeep but they also cannot be removed.

You can get rid of these rioters by pacifying them if you raise your happiness level back to positive. For a total accumulated 20 happiness, one rioter will be removed.

You can also remove rioters by applying Martial Law at the cost of economic penalties.

Colony Center

A colony center is the heart of a colony and it is where maximum colonists live and buildings and units are produced.

A colonic center has several inherent economic upgrades to get your economy and colony started without depending on the annexed colonies. Keep in mind that when a colony of yours is annexed, all of its annexed sectors are lost with it.

Every colony sector has a level of upgradation and size to be able to hold on to annexed sectors. To be annexed a sector must be in two-sector range to the colony center or must be adjacent to the sector of that colony.

These annexed sectors are called the provinces of that colony.

Colonists Colony Size Max Provinces
1-15 Outpost 1
6-10 Town 2
11-15 City 3
16+ Metropolis 4

You can annex a sector by moving your unit on that sector flag and choosing the option, ”Annex sector as Province to Colony”.

After a sector has been annexed, you can choose the option of exploiting the sector, it can be exploited by choosing one of the four economic types: Energy, Food, Production or Research.

When a type is selected, one colonist slot for the selected type is immediately added.

After that, the province can increase in level after level boosting buildings in the colony, and a sector specialized building is also constructed for each exploited province. Landmark sectors have a preset exploitation type.

Colony Defense

When a colony defense battle is started, the defenders always start on high ground. The colony can defend by garrisoning units and several colony upgrades.

Colony Militia buildings spawn units appear when a colony province or colony center or a base of its province is under attack.

Funny enough, Colony Militia units cannot be moved freely on the map and they disappear on the start of next turn. But they can be upgraded to spawn more and to a higher tier unit.

Turrets buildings also spawn and start firing on the enemy automatically when a colony center or building is under attack at the start of each round. Different types of turrets use different damage channels.

Independent Outposts

When the game starts, you will see some independent outposts scattered on the planet you can take these independent outposts by force or by Influence.

When you take independent outposts there will come an option to annex it and turn it into a colonizer or can absorb its population into the nearby colony.

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