Age of Wonders: Planetfall Autonom Faction Guide – Units, Abilities, Tips

Age of Wonders: Planetfall consists of 5 Factions. One of those 5 factions is the Autonom Faction. This Age of Wonders: Planetfall Autonom Faction guide will contain all the details on the faction, its background, and some other details.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Autonom Faction

The Robots providing emergency services within the Empire were run by the Conscientious Omnipresent Regency Engine CORE, but when it faltered during the Collapse they relied on internal backup processors.

In the centuries since then, these robots have linked up and developed into a new collective of sentient beings. They called themselves the Autonom.

The Autonom Faction is a faction which has kinetic and thermal weapon groups. The design of the Autonom is that they look like Retro droids.

You won’t find it difficult to identify them because they all fly or float around the areas. The number of lights these Autonoms flickers identifies their intelligence.

An easy way to get this that most Golems flicker a single light while the Network Controller flickers a lot of lights indicating it to be much smarter than the golem.

After the fall of the Empire, the Autonoms who possessed neuro-linking changed. In what way you may ask? They gained consciousness and started making choices and decisions out of their own free will but not all Autonom turned out this way.

The Autonom Network Controller Units and Monitors keep enhancing the Autonom and help them by sending the details of the enemies.

You can get a buff if you use the Initialized Connections Buff, this will allow all the units of Autonom in your army to be buffed. Level 1 of the buff gives a 10% increase in accuracy and an increase in arc resistance by 2.

Level 2 of the buff gives all units in the Network to gain a level on stagger impact. Level 3 of the buff gives a 20% increase in damage on all attacks and an increase in ranged attacks by 1. Each Autonom can use this ability once per battle.

The units in the Autonom faction are:

These are turret droids which specialize in ranged fights. They possess the Calculate Targeting Ability in which they increase their accuracy which thus leads to a 10% gain in critical chance.

These are the support unit in the faction. These units can heal all other ally units for 5 HP per level. They also possess network establishing functions.

These bots are very useful in crowd control. Its Body Originating Mass Blast (BOMB) ability allows it to do a blast around an area.

It also possesses Forcefully Applied Contact Explosive (FACE) ability in which it takes out his arm and deals explosive damage to enemies by blasting them.

These units are the law part of the faction. Its ability allows it to give its allies damage bonuses. It also launches missiles which do high damage to enemies and obstacles.

Network Controller
These units provide information about the enemies to the ally units. It has an ability Contact Tech Support which can summon a unit for help in any way. These units can project a shield which adds 4 shields for 2 turns to all networked units.

When you go upon their base you can find Autonom mods and units.

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