Age of Empires II Tournament Gets $120,000 Prize Pool

With brand World Series of Video Games setting up a tournament of their own, the eSports range of events grows once more. Their contest, called War Is Coming, will be run online and be featured through none other than Age of Empires II, the classic PC strategy game.

In particular, it’s the Age of Empires II: The Conquerors expansion that will be eligible for this tournament, pinpointed for the 1.4 userpatch. There will be six stages to fight in, before you can crown yourself the champion.

Naturally, you’ll need to register for the tournament prior to competing. These are open until October 27, while the first round, the qualifiers, will take place on November 3.

Should there be more than 128 entries, War Is Coming will add one more tier to the event, which will serve as a pre-qualifier to get to the desired slots. Finals will determine a winner in four different rounds, taking place between February 9 and March 8, 2015.

This Age of Empires II contest has a rather sizable prize pool of $120,000 tied to it as well. According to World Series of Video Games, it may even be at the top of its league, stating:

This is without a doubt one of the biggest prize pools ever in an online gaming tournament, especially when we are talking about just one game.

Winners will take home $23,000, while the runner-up still gets to leave with $14,000. There are thousands in prize money for the following five participants as well, plus $55,000 more in funds for candidates throughout the qualifying tiers of the tournament.

War Is Coming will also set aside $10,000 for the community to snag. We suggest you start wising up on your Age of Empires II knowledge, if you want some of that action.

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