How to Capture Sacred Sites in Age of Empires 4

Capturing Sacred sites on the battlefield can help you win matches instantly so, knowing how to do so is very important. In this comprehensive guide, we will be teaching you how to Capture Sacred Sites in Age of Empires 4.

How to Capture Sacred Sites in Age of Empires 4

Sacred Sites hold great importance in Age of Empires IV as capturing and holding all of them can win you the match without even capturing the enemy’s stronghold.

We will be explaining how to capture these sacred sites in AOE 4 and then follow up with a few useful tips on how to defend the sacred sites that you have captured.

Capturing the Sacred Sites

First, you need to reach Age III, namely The Castle Age, which you can do by building landmarks. Each landmark you build will advance the Age level by one. Once you reach Age III, then you need to build a Monastery.

You can create a monastery by clicking on the villager logo and selecting the first building in the Age III column. Once your monastery is ready, click on it to produce Monks.

After that, you need to bring the monk to the sacred site and he will capture it. Sacred Sites have a flag in the middle and stone steps on all sides so locating them on the map should not be a problem.

It should be noted that only the Monk unit can capture these sites so, keeping this unit safe in your stronghold until the need arises is a smart move.

If the enemy has control of the sacred site, you first need to neutralize it by sending in a normal troop unit, and once it’s neutral, then your monk can arrive at the sacred site and capture it.

Useful Tips regarding Sacred Sites

Here are some of the most useful and often neglected tips revolving around Sacred Sites in AOE 4:

  • Having a town center near the sacred site lets you produce villagers quickly who can then help you in building defenses around the sacred site.
  • Build Keeps and Outposts around the Sacred Sites to defend them from enemy attacks. Normal enemy infantry units cannot win against a level 4 outpost or keep.
  • Make sure that you reach The Castle Age as quickly as possible to capture & hold at least 2 Sacred Sites early on because once the enemy captures more sites than you, it will put you at a huge disadvantage.
  • If the enemy is allowed to hold a site for too long, they will build defenses around it, making your job difficult. That is why you should neutralize enemy sacred sites as quickly as you can.
  • You have to mine a lot of Stone as it is the main resource needed for making Keeps. Pairing outposts with upgraded keeps is your best bet at defending captured Sacred Sites in AoE 4.

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