After StarCraft 2, Warcraft RTS Will be Considered: Blizzard Entertainment

Surprisingly, the Warcraft and StarCraft developers are very much interested in working on some new real time strategy Warcraft content.

This was iterated by the StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void producer Tim Morten while he was talking to journalists at Gamescom 2015.

He said that while after Legacy of the Void the story of these characters will end, it is not the end of StarCraft.

Furthermore, Morten revealed that while they don’t have any specific plans right now, “but I’ll say that the universe has so much potential for more stories, clearly other stories could be told.”

That being said, he insisted that RTS based content is in demand which is why they are going to talk about it after they are done with StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void:

It’s very rewarding for us to hear that there’s demand out there for more RTS content in the Warcraft universe so once we’re done with Void I think we’ll get together as a team and talk about what would inspire us to work on next. There’s no question, though, that we’ll consider Warcraft, StarCraft, or even new ideas. Anything is possible.

Will you be interested in some more RTS based content in the Warcraft franchise? Or do you have something else in your mind that you might want to share with us in the comments below?

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