Adventure Time Run Tips and Strategy Guide – Best Treasure, Best Upgrades, Finding Character Pieces

In this Adventure Time Run Tips and Strategy Guide, we will break down some tips, tricks, and strategies for you for Adventure Time Run. Adventure Time Run is an endless runner set in the Land of Ooo. It is a fun game and you will find your favorite characters Finn and Jake return in Adventure Time Run.

With the help of our Adventure Time Run Tips and Strategy Guide, you can play the game and survive for as long as possible to make some big high scores. We have listed some tips regarding how to play, fighting monsters and finding treasure in this Adventure Time Run Tips and Strategy Guide so you can play the game easily.

Adventure Time Run Tips and Strategy Guide

Adventure Time Run Tips and Strategy Guide details everything that you need to know in order to run the most distances and get super high scores in Adventure Time Run.

Adventure Time Run Tips and Strategy

Equip the Best Treasures

As you progress in the game, you will find many trinkets on your journey. They will provide you with various bonuses when equipped. They will include health boosts, food bonuses, more coins and more like these. You will start with one slot and you can unlock up to three slots.

Since each treasure has a unique attribute, you must use the ones that you really want to use. Try out a few trinkets and then finally equip the ones that suit your playstyle the most.

Get Used to the Controls and the UI

Just like any other endless runner game, Adventure Time Run lets you swap lanes to avoid obstacles while the character runs automatically. You must get used to this as quickly as possible because as you advance, the game gets pretty tough and require really fast switching of lanes.

Most runners simply end the game when you hit the obstacle once but Adventure Time Run has a health gauge at the top, which gradually decreases, and when it is empty, you will stop running.

If you hit obstacles while running, this gauge will drop even more quickly. Therefore, you must avoid hitting obstacles if you want to be at the top of the high scores. Controls are pretty basic with simple left and right swipes for changing lanes and down swipe to roll under obstacles.

Swiping up will cause you to jump. Practice the controls and you will be mastering the levels in no time. You must know what each gauge in the UI shows as well especially the health gauge at the top.

During monster battles, the controls will change slightly. You will be running away from the monsters, during the run sequences simply swipe anywhere on the screen to change left or right lane and dodge the attacks. Avoid the attacks and reach the end of the cave to win.

Find Character Pieces

To ace the levels, you need to upgrade skills of your characters and for that, you will require character pieces. They are not easy to find and they are the rarest item in the game.

With them, you can upgrade the skills of your characters. Only the unique skills require Character Pieces. Regular skills cannot be upgraded with them. Unique skills are very handy so you must try to upgrade them as soon as possible.

Collect Coins and Badges

During your adventure, you will find tons of coins and badges in the levels. You must try to find and collect as many badges and coins as possible as they will be used for upgrading different skills. Some coins are high in the air so you will require the help of jumping pads.

Whenever a jumping pad comes, it means there is a high amount of coins and badges ahead so jump on them and try to collect as many coins and badges as you can. You can also swipe left and right in the air so make good use of this movement freedom.

Prioritize Upgrades

Each character can be upgraded in various ways. Upgrades can be applied to attack, defense, health, and unique ability stats. Now, you must priorities these upgrades based on your play style.

Unique abilities are unique for every hero and they benefit them in different ways, attack increases the damage done, health increases the HP while defense makes you stronger and you will lose less HP when you are hit or you hit an obstacle.

All the upgrades are pretty important, if you are unsure on what to upgrade, try making a balanced character and keep all stats balanced. Otherwise, pick a play style and upgrade the skills according to that play style.

This concludes our Adventure Time Run Tips and Strategy Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!

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