Advanced Warfare Infection Map Gets Images, Video and More

Couple of days age Sledgehammer Games revealed information regarding the upcoming Ascendance DLC for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

Just zombies are old school now, we are in for something better, we are in for Exo Zombies; and the upcoming Infection Map is going to be full of those wretched undead that are after you like honeybees go after an intruder!

Recently, the official Twitter profile of the game revealed chunks of new details on the said map in the form of new screenshots, new video clips and even a sound clip.

The sound clip, titled Welcome to BurgerTown!, was shared on SoundCloud and you can go here to listen to it. If you are wondering what is BurgerTown, it is the place where the Infection Map is located.

More details on BurgerTown were shared by the developers through a video that came with a hashtag RIPBurgerTown – we know better what that means in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, especially in the context of the Exo Zombie coming at us in Ascendance DLC.

Another video was shared through the same medium, this one had a rather long and vague caption reading “no place is safe. thought i’d be okay at the atlas building… and then this happened. who’s doing this???”

You might be interested in finding out the answers to those questions.

Last but not the least there were the new screenshots showing off not only the new location but also the Exo Zombies and more.

Check them out here:

So tell us, what do you think of the content coming your way in Advanced Warfare?

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