Advanced Warfare: Gun Game Playlist and Double XP Weekend is Live

An all new Gun Game playlist is now live for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare across all platforms.

As teased earlier this week, players are also given access to Double XP for the entire weekend, and which is exclusive to the current Gun Game playlist.

According to the announcement, the Double XP weekend event will end on Monday, February 16 at 9:00 AM PT.

In Gun Game mode, all players start the match with the same basic pistol. You have no access to any loadouts and the only way of getting more weaponry is by taking out opponents. Killing your first opponent will automatically switch you to a better weapon. Killing a second time will hand you something even better. If a player is eliminated by melee attack or self-inflicted explosion, he/she is bumped down to a lower tier gun.

In addition, Sledgehammer Games has also added in a new ‘One Shot Mosh Pit’ playlist. This playlist features snipers only with a variety of game modes.

Source Sledgehammer Games

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