Directors, Producers And Developers Have Shown A Lot Of Admiration And Respect For God Of War

The much-hyped God Of War rolled out yesterday and it appears so, that the whole gaming community is flabbergasted on how brilliant the game is. Many developers too have shown a lot of admiration for the game and respect for the Santa Monica Studio.

There have been quite a lot Tweets made by so many famous developers praising the game.

The likes of which include Neil Druckmann and Kurt Margenau from Naughty Dog, Thomas Puha from Remedy Games, Hermen Hulst and Jan-Bart van Beek from Guerrilla Games, Dan Lowe from Motive Studios, Billy Harper from Insomniac Games and Mike Ybarra from Xbox.

These are some of the A-list developers that have spread their love for the game. Various developer companies themselves have congratulated Santa Monica Studio for God Of War.

According to Neil Druckmann, this game has raised the bar for action/narrative games. While Kurt Margenau shares that he feels like his youth has been restored.

One thing is pretty obvious that God Of War is very much relatable to everyone on various levels. While some are in love with how Santa Monica Studio has taken upon the single player, others love their take on the narrative.

Furthermore, Guerrilla Games, SIE Bend Studio, Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream, Sucker Punch, BioWare, Sony External Development Studio Europe, Insomniac Games, Bethesda all have congratulated Santa Monica Studio on the successful launch of the game.

The list of congratulations and appreciations apparently goes on and on. Seems like the NPD Analyst Mat Piscatella was pretty much accurate when he said that the launch of God Of War could perhaps be the biggest exclusive debut for PlayStation.

With all that put into context, what is your take on the game? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

God Of War is now available for PlayStation 4 exclusively.