How Many Acts/Chapters Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem Has?

The recently released Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem provides players with a complex skill tree to work through. However, the question is, how many Acts Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem has?

The game is split into multiple chapters and acts. Only one act was available before the official launch of the title. With the game fully released, players are curious as to how much content is available for them to grind through. Knowing, beforehand, how much playtime a game offers can be a cause of excitement and interest.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem’s campaign comprises of three distinct acts. If we were to come up with an estimate of total playtime, WOLCEN Studio’s new game would have approximately 20 hours of it. Although, players can expect to be occupied for even longer periods of time if they wish to explore each level. If you decide to do a speed run of the game, bear in mind that it will be much harder to do without exploring the stages.

As players finish the three acts in Wolcen, the game will offer further challenges. You can play through an endgame storyline and do other activities if you are an experienced player. These activities allow players to level up their characters, unlock new skills and transform your character into a fearsome warrior.

If you relish the game, the content that side-missions provide will be a welcome treat. Players will find themselves immersed in the game even after finishing the main campaign.

WOLCEN Studio seems to be prepping for a content patch called Wrath of Sarisel. This patch is will come out at the end of September and ensure that the game stays relevant even at the end of this year.

If you are a new player, you can check out our starter builds guide. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem can be purchased on Steam for $12.99.