Activision Wants to Explore the Possibility of an Overwatch Movie

Considering how popular Overwatch is among Blizzard’s various games, Activision is apparently wanting to explore what they could do with an Overwatch movie. Exactly how they might do this remains to be seen, but if it ever bears fruit hopefully the movie will turn out better than Warcraft’s movie did.

Overwatch has a lot of backstory that hasn’t really been explored for the most part, mainly being elaborated on in background lore and a number of various shorts and comics. A full Overwatch film has the makings of a good action movie, with humanity desperately fighting against the Omnics while Overwatch is formed to combat them.

However, with how poorly the Warcraft movie did critically due to being what many saw as a poor retelling of the original Warcraft game, an Overwatch movie would have to be careful about its own writing, making sure that they can make the world interesting and engrossing to anyone that might want to watch it.

The fact that Tim Kiplin, the head of the Consumer Products Group at Activision, wants an Overwatch film can definitely have a lot of potential, especially since he’d like it to be animated. The ability to have an animated Overwatch movie would make it like an extra-long Overwatch short featuring multiple characters, especially if it’s as good as the other Overwatch shorts that Blizzard has released.

Video games haven’t often done very well critically despite being commercial successes (such as last year’s two big critical video game bombs, the Assassin’s Creed movie starring Michael Fassbender, and the Warcraft movie), but it’s apparent that, with the Call of Duty film currently being worked on, Activision is ready to keep trying.

However, until we have any more concrete information about a new video game movie, we’ll likely have to deal with animated shorts, comic backstories, and various lore given out by Blizzard.