Activision Shareholder Lawsuit Filed Over Loss Of Destiny IP, Bungie Release

As if Activision wasn’t already in enough trouble, ranging from CFO issues to firing 800 people despite claiming to have a great financial year, an Activision shareholder lawsuit is now apparently being filed against the studio over the loss of the Destiny IP and Bungie’s release from under the publisher’s thumb.

Bungie managed to buy its way out from under Activision for the tune of around 164 million dollars, taking Destiny along with it and allowing them to self-publish and do what they want with the game away from Activision’s questionable decisions about console-exclusive content and microtransactions.

The terms of the Activision shareholder lawsuit allege a number of things against Activision as a whole, mainly that the company didn’t give notice of things. The lawsuit alleges that Activision made false or misleading statements like the fact that it was imminent that Bungie and Activision’s partnership would be ending, that the termination of the partnership would have a significant negative impact on the company’s revenue, and that the public statements made by Activision were patently false.

While Bungie did allow Activision to partner with it in order to sell Destiny, the publisher never actually owned the IP, therefore while they could mandate decisions like console-exclusive weapons and strikes, along with the Eververse store, they couldn’t go all-in on other ways to make money and promote certain systems.

This was the main reason that Activision used to justify letting Bungie go, but that still isn’t enough for the company’s investors, hence the Activision shareholder lawsuit. With that, plus Activision’s issues with its CFO in the last few months, a lawsuit filed by wrestler Booker T, and apparently an investigation into fraud and bad business practices, one can only wonder exactly how good Activision’s last year actually was, not just because of the layoffs, but because of Bungie’s departure.

However the Activision shareholder lawsuit pans out, hopefully Bungie can make the Destiny games the way they want to in the future…and Activision will get some sweet karma for the 800 workers it laid off.