Activision Releases Black Ops 4 Battle Edition Standalone Game In The Future?

Activision will apparently be releasing something called Black Ops 4 Battle Edition in the future, a standalone game from Black Ops 4 that will only include the game’s multiplayer and Blackout modes, rather than including Zombies with them. The news comes from an investor’s report that was leaked onto Twitter just today.

The version, which will apparently be PC exclusive for $30, is a rather odd decision for Activision, which has very rarely decided to split up a game’s game modes. The last time they did this was with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which originally launched alongside the remastered version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

While those games were eventually split up several months after release, there’s no telling what Activision’s plan is with the Black Ops 4 Battle Edition game. They may be going for a Sniper Elite setup, where their Nazi Zombie Army DLCs were eventually all packaged together into a single game.

Considering that the Black Ops 4 zombies mode is left out of the Battle Edition, something similar might be happening there, or Activision is deciding to shift priorities. While this doesn’t necessarily mean now that we’ll be losing the Call of Duty Zombies modes (especially since they’ve been so popular among the fanbase since they debuted in World at War), we’ll have to wait and see what Activision announces.

There’s no telling what this sort of standalone game will mean for Call of Duty in the future, but there’s a lot that could happen then. There’s even the possibility that, after the Black Ops 4 Battle Mode release, that a standalone Blackout game, much like Fortnite, will be released later.

The Black Ops 4 Battle Edition release on the PC is currently $30 on PC, but that’s only for a limited time. Afterwards, it will go up to $40, so you have until January 6 to buy it.

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