Activision Wants Spectators To Trigger “Natural Disasters” For Their Favorite Streamers

With streaming seeing a surge in popularity in recent years, publisher Activision wants to find new ways to engage spectators and increase their participation beyond just spectating gameplay.

According to a continuation of a prior patent from earlier today, Activision has come up with a number of interesting ways for spectators to contribute towards gameplay sessions in real time through a vote-based interface.

For example, spectators can trigger “one or more earthquakes, meteor showers, storms, rain, wind, fires, lightning, or other natural disasters” in a live multiplayer game. Call of Duty: Warzone will quickly come to mind following that presented idea. The game currently has no weather systems, but the new Battlefield 2042 does. It would be a bit farfetched (but not unrealistic) to assume that Activision might consider adding natural disasters with a future Warzone season update.

In further examples, the publisher points out that spectators can choose to make particular items available for purchase during gameplay sessions and tinker with the timing and content of supply drops.

In addition, spectators can also vote to make available “armor, weapons, treasure, or other resources” to specific players in the gameplay session as well as place “hazards, threats, or challenges.”

Activision has even considered ways to have spectators change the layout of the map through randomly generated in-game events.

Game event options are generated and presented to non-players. A specific one of the game event options is then selected based on a collective vote of the non-players.

Once selected, the specific one or more of the game event options are then generated as actual gaming events and incorporated into a video game stream that is transmitted to the players as part of the gameplay session.

In this manner, non-players may be able to directly affect the course of gameplay.

Interestingly, the patented methods and systems mention Activision to be interested in finding such engagement options for esports events, which would be bothersome since spectators affecting a competitive match will not be taken lightly by players.

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