Activision Takes Notice Of New Cheat Which Can Work On Consoles

Activision is the first publisher to take notice of a new cheat which reportedly uses machine learning to enable aimbots and wallhacks on consoles.

Earlier today, Activision began sending take-down notices to YouTube against all promotional videos uploaded by the cheat-maker for their rather worrying software which allows players to “auto-aim and lock onto enemies, auto-detect weapons for perfect recoil and auto-fire for precise headshots.”

YouTube has already taken down the promotional videos in question at the time of writing. However, the cheat itself remains available for purchase. Activision remains to take action against both the platform selling the cheat and its creator.

The main reason behind Activision being so quick to take notice probably has to do with the fact that all promotional videos of the cheat were shown working in Call of Duty. The franchise has been plagued with cheaters since forever. Call of Duty: Warzone in particular has attracted hordes of cheaters across the globe due to its popularity and its free-to-play model.

Activision has hence already been having a hard time dealing with cheaters and as such, cannot afford a new cheat-maker to be openly promoting its new software which can apparently work on consoles as well. Specially when Google was discovered to be advertising paid-for Warzone cheats a few months back.

PC was so far the only platform to be plagued with cheaters. Unless all major publishers band together, consoles may possibly be breached as well. There has to be a robust anti-cheat program set in stone for every recurring multiplayer franchise like Call of Duty.

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